[Frequent urination after the first night with bloodshot urine]_First time_Cause

[Frequent urination after the first night with bloodshot urine]_First time_Cause

Women are virgins before marriage, and they pass through the same room after marriage.

The first night is the rupture of a woman’s hymen, and there should be pain or other symptoms.

Because women have sex for the first time, they are often nervous, and if they do n’t pay attention to some things, they may easily cause gynecological diseases.

So what happened after the first night of urinary frequent urgency and bloodshot?

The first hymen rupture in the same room will cause bleeding. The bleeding time is generally about 3 days, so you have bleeding and pain. This situation is normal, but frequent urination needs to consider the possibility of urinary tract infection.

How urinary tract infections are caused.

People with urinary tract infections have the feeling that the urethra is very uncomfortable, and there is a burning sensation, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, unlike urination, irritability, etc.


Urinary tract infection caused by airtight clothes One of the reasons for urinary tract infections is that the clothes they are wearing are airtight, causing bacteria to grow in the underwear and giving them an environment for survival and growth.

So it is much better to choose cotton breathable clothes.


Spicy diet stimulates urinary tract infections. Diet should pay more attention to it, because spicy can easily stimulate the urinary tract, especially urinary tract infections that have symptoms, will be aggravated.


Drinking less water increases urinary tract infections. Many people have this feeling. Drinking less water causes less urine. There is less fluid to flush the urethra, which will leave soil for bacterial growth and cause urinary tract infections.


If it is a female, it is because the urinary tract infection is caused by the pad, which is thick and has poor breathability. In addition, the female urinary tract is relatively short, so it gives bacteria an environment for bacteria to grow and reproduce, resulting in urinary tract infections.


There are special types of urinary tract infections in pregnant women and elderly women. They have almost no symptoms of urinary tract infections. These people need to pay attention because their health is more important than ordinary people.


There is also the fact that spouses cause female urinary tract infections. Spouses sometimes do not talk about hygiene, which is also a harm to women. It may cause urinary tract infections due to bacteria in their urethra, resulting in symptoms of frequent urination, urgency, and pain.

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