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[Chestnut Pumpkin Porridge]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[Chestnut Pumpkin Porridge]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Both northerners and southerners have the habit of drinking porridge. There are many types of porridge. Different types of porridge have different nutritional values. They often drink porridge and even nourish the stomach.Fortunately, chestnut pumpkin porridge is a very common porridge. Although it is delicious, few people make it by themselves. What is the practice of chestnut pumpkin porridge?

Benefits of eating pumpkin and chestnut supplements Chestnut and pumpkin are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, and fiber, which can provide a variety of nutrients for the body, as well as some health effects.

The pectin contained in pumpkin has the function of adsorption and can protect the adhesion of insulin, while the chestnut contains unsaturated molecular weight, zinc, manganese and other components, which can help reduce blood lipids.

Protecting the liver and adding plasma fiber to the pumpkin is beneficial to food digestion, can assist bowel movements, and can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood. The impurities contained in it can provide energy for the body.

Chestnut is rich in nutrients and contains many vitamins. When eaten with pumpkin, it can promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells.

Auxiliary antihypertensive chestnut is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B and carotene, which can effectively prevent and assist the treatment of hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Pumpkin contains potassium of phospholipids, which has a diuretic effect, can excrete toxins from the body, and can be eaten with chestnut to help lower blood pressure.

Chestnut protein, starch, and vitamins that promote human growth and development can provide the body with a variety of nutrients, and pumpkin is rich in zinc. Zinc can participate in the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in the body. It is an inherent component of adrenal hormones.Consumption can promote human growth and development.

How to eat pumpkin and chestnut together chestnut pumpkin porridge material pocket pumpkin, cooked chestnuts, millet.

Method 1, the mini pumpkin can be cooked twice, peeled and cut into small pieces.

2. Boil the pumpkin with water and boil for 10 minutes on high heat, pat the cooked chestnuts with a knife and pat them into a pot.

3. At the same time, add millet, cook for 10 minutes on high heat and slowly boil it for at least half an hour, and then turn to a thick and suffocating state.

Notes on eating chestnut 1.

It is not suitable to eat chestnuts in excess, although it is rich in various nutrients, it is not recommended to eat them in excess, because chestnuts contain too much starch, sugars, and excessive consumption of glucose have a certain effect. It is very dangerous for people with high blood sugarThis method is likely to cause a sudden rise in blood sugar, which may cause the emergence of certain diseases.


Chestnuts rich in starch are difficult to digest for those with indigestion. They are not easy to digest, and those with indigestion may cause gastrointestinal upset.

If you really want to eat chestnut, you should control the amount and eat 1?
Just 2 capsules, or eat some digestive foods such as hawthorn and lemon.

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[Can a baby cough eat eggs?

]_ Baby cough _ can you eat

[Can a baby cough eat eggs?
]_ Baby cough _ can you eat

I believe that everyone is no stranger to eggs. In our daily life, eggs are one of the most common foods around us. It is rich in protein nutrition, and it is also extremely effective for our body health.It is usually easily absorbed by human intermediates, healthy, delicious and very cheap, so many parents give their babies eggs for breakfast.

However, the baby’s physical defense ability is poor, so it is easy to catch a cold if you are not careful, so can you eat eggs when your baby has a cold?

I believe many parents don’t know, today I will summarize it, let’s understand together.


When the eggs can be eaten, when the season is changed, many people are prone to cold and cough, and the coughing continues all day long, and the body is really hurt.

Many people feel that they ca n’t eat eggs for coughing. In fact, the opposite is true. Eating eggs with ginger and vinegar has a good effect on cough.

Eggs have the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing blood and moisturizing.

Ginger has the effect of dispersing cold and expelling wind and phlegm.

Vinegar can digest appetizers, dissipate blood stasis, and reduce diarrhea.

Therefore, fried eggs with vinegar and scrambled eggs with ginger have a good effect in treating cough.

A small recipe for two eggs for cough 1.

Ginger fried eggs to cough take a small piece of ginger, chopped one egg, topped with sesame oil, like fried poached eggs (sprinkle ginger into the eggs).

After cooking, eat while hot, twice a day, and cough will heal after a few days.

This “medicine” is delicious and has good curative effect. Those who can’t heal the cough for a long time and have no abnormalities in the lungs can try it.


Vinegar Fried Eggs for Cough Vinegar Fried Eggs Therapy has wonderful effects on various coughs.

Eat one each morning and evening.

Cough is usually taken twice to relieve cough.


People with cough and jaw contracting chronic bronchitis are treated with white sugar and eggs. Cough is easy to occur after a cold and cold, chest pain is short of breath, and upset.

Mix white sugar with eggs and cook it after taking it. The effect is very good.


Ginger scrambled eggs to cough, take ginger diced or shredded, beat the eggs into a bowl and mix well, then pour the fat into the pan and heat, then put the shredded ginger in the oil, and finally pour the eggs and cook them while hotEat it.

You can control the amount you eat, and it is better to eat before going to bed at night.


Can babies eat eggs with cough? Cough is a common disease in pediatrics. Children are in the period of physical development and their lungs are most susceptible to infection. At this time, children often have poor appetite. Many mothers want to ask.Eat eggs?

The answer is yes. Water-cooked eggs can effectively alleviate cough, especially for long-term and recurrent attacks, internal injury cough, and cold wind, which is especially effective.

Therefore, your child can eat eggs for coughing.

However, some children who are allergic to eggs are not recommended to eat eggs.

Doctors also suggest that you can eat eggs for coughing, but not more, because coughs are often caused by a cold and fever, and you can’t take too much protein.

The above is all about eating boiled eggs for cough. Through the above introduction, everyone has a better understanding of whether eggs can be eaten when coughing.

Everyone should pay more attention to things such as health care, which is conducive to our understanding of common sense.

Pay special attention to your health, especially during the season.

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[Do you want to peel the lotus? Does lotus root need peeling?]

钘曟槸涓€绉嶆瘮杈冨父瑙佺殑瀹跺父椋熺墿锛屼篃鏄竴绉嶅彛鎰熸竻鑴嗐€佽惀鍏讳环鍊奸珮鐨勯鐗┿€傚湪鍚冭棔鐨勬椂鍊欙紝寰堝浜洪兘鏈変竴涓枒闂紝閭e氨鏄棔瑕佷笉瑕佸墛鐨€傚叾瀹烇紝钘曟渶濂芥槸鍓What’s the difference? I’m afraid that the umbrellas and the peaks are in the world, and the world is full of frustrations, tea, and tea. What are you going to do?ゅ氨鏄叾涓€銆備笅闈紝灏变负澶у璇︾粏浠嬬粛涓€涓嬭棔鐨勭浉鍏崇煡璇嗭紒涓€銆佽幉钘曢渶瑕佸墛鐨悧鑾茶棔涓€鑸槸闇€瑕佹妸澶栫毊鍓ュ幓鎵嶈兘鍚冪殑銆傝幉钘曠殑澶栫毊鏄笉鑳藉鍚冪殑锛屽洜涓鸿幉钘曠殑澶栫毊姣旇緝鐨勫帤锛屽悆鐨勬椂鍊欏彛鎰熸尯涓嶅ソ鐨勶紝鍥犳锛屾渶濂借繕鏄妸鐨幓鎺夊氨琛屻€傝幉钘曟竻娲楃殑鏃跺€欎篃瑕佹敞鎰忥紝鍥犱负鑾茶棔鏄湁绌洪殭鐨勶紝骞朵笖涓ゅご涓庡鐣岀浉閫氾紝鍥犳锛岃幉钘曢噷闈㈢殑绌洪殭閲屼細鏈夋偿銆傚湪娓呮礂鐨勬椂鍊欒娉ㄦ剰锛岃鎶婇噷闈㈢殑娉ュ反涔熺粰娓呮礂浜嗭紝鏀惧湪姘寸涓嬬洿鎺ュ啿娲楀氨琛岋紝鍙湁杩欐牱鎵嶄細姣旇緝鐨勫共鍑€銆備簩銆佽幉钘曟€庝箞鍓婄毊鍏堢敤娓呮按鎶婅幉钘曟蹈婀匡紝鍐嶇敤閲戝睘涓濈殑娓呮磥鐞冨幓鎽╂摝銆備笉浣嗗張蹇張钖勶紝灏辫繛灏忓嚬澶勭殑鐨兘鑳藉幓闄わ紝杩樿兘淇濇寔鍘熸潵瀹屾暣鐨勫舰鐘讹紝鏃㈢櫧鍙堝渾銆傚鏋滅敤鍒毊鍣ㄥ埉锛屽嚬杩涘幓鐨勫皬鍧戝氨寰堥毦鍒共鍑€浜嗐€傝幉钘曡鍒囧紑鍜屽幓鐨悗锛屾毚闇插湪绌烘皵涓氨浼氬彉鎴愯鑹层€傚彉鑹茬殑鍘熷洜鏄敱浜庢哀鍖栦綔鐢You can see it by the way you can read it, you can read it, you can watch it, you can watch it, you can see it榛戣壊绱犮€備负浜嗛槻姝㈠彉鑹诧紝鍙皢鍘荤毊鍒囧紑鐨勬灉钄斁鍦ㄦ竻姘存垨娣$洂姘翠腑娴告场锛屼娇鍏朵笌绌烘皵闅旂粷锛屽彲闃叉姘у寲鍙樿壊銆傚彟澶栵紝闉h川鍙樿壊鐨勫彟涓€绉嶅師鍥犳槸涓庨噾灞炵敓鎴愭繁鑹茬殑闉h川鐩愶紝濡傞亣閾佸悗鍙樻垚钃濊壊鎴栨殫缁胯壊銆傛鏄敱浜庤繖浜涘師鍥狅紝鎵€浠ョ叜鑾茶棔鏃跺垏蹇岀敤閾侀攨锛屼互鐢ㄧ爞閿呬负瀹滐紱鍒囪棔鏃舵渶濂界敤涓嶉攬閽㈠垁銆備笁銆佽幉钘曟帓楠ㄦ堡鐨勫仛娉曟潗鏂欙細鐚皬鎺掋€佽儭钀濆崪銆佽棔銆佺洂銆佸銆佹枡閰掑仛娉曪細1銆佹帓楠ㄦ竻娲楀共鍑€锛屾柀鎴愬潡鐘讹紝鐒按锛岀劧鍚庡啿娲楀共鍑€锛?銆侀攨鍐呭姞鍏ラ€傞噺鐨勬按锛屼笅鍏ョ劘濂界殑鎺掗鍧楋紝鍔犲叆鐢熷鐗囷紝灏戦噺鏂欓厭锛?銆佽儭钀濆崪鍒囨粴鍒€鐗囷紝鑾茶棔鍒囧ぇ鍧楋紱4銆佸厛澶х伀鐑у紑锛岃浆灏忕伀鎱㈢倴锛?銆 佺 丛 Tweezer worms Nan Nan Jiang Jiang 傦 男 叆 銆 銮 茶 撔 鍧 楰 拰 鑳 怅 鍗 滃 抡 銆?

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[Cod fish with lemon to fishy]_How to fishy_Removing fishy method

[Cod fish with lemon to fishy]_How to fishy_Removing fishy method

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin c substances, so lemon is very sour to eat, eating lemon directly will make people feel a strong astringency, so it is best to mix lemon with other foods.

At the same time, lemon can also be used as a common seasoning. It can be put into lemon juice to remove fishy smell when it is used in fishy resistant food.

So can lemon be used to fishy fish when making cod?

Lemon juice is a versatile sauce.

It can remove fishy smell and the odor of food itself, including fishy smell of meat, fishy smell of fish, eggy smell, astringent taste of mushrooms, and onion taste.

How should steamed cod go fishy?

1. The easiest way is to wash the fish twice with warm water after breaking the belly, but you must remember that it is warm water and never use hot water.

2. After we remove the fish from the scales and laparotomy, pour some rice wine into the basin, and we can get rid of the fishy smell!

3, warm tea water deodorization method, we can soak the fish in warm tea water, this may be a good method.

4, we can put the washed fish in cold water, and then add a small amount of vinegar and pepper into the water, or put some cinnamon leaves, you can also remove the fishy smell.

Steamed cod main ingredients: cod fillet, eggs, two auxiliary ingredients: ginger amount, salt amount, cooking wine amount, olive oil amount, spring onion method: 1. First, Bao Bao Bao Ma can take the frozen cod out of the refrigerator two hours in advance.And then clean it.

2. Take advantage of this gap, you can cut ginger slices, three to five slices will do.

3. Then place the sliced ginger slices on the cod.

4. Put two eggs on the side of the cod.

5. Put two spoonfuls of olive oil and one spoon of cooking wine on top and sprinkle with fine salt.

Finally, it can be steamed on the steaming rack, and the water can be steamed for 10 minutes. Of course, it can also be steamed on the rice cooker for 10 minutes when cooking.

Broken thoughts: Steamed cod is very tender and tastes really like tofu. It feels like it is ready to enter. The cod has almost no spines. The baby is not afraid of getting stuck in the throat with fish bones. This is especially good for children.Okay.

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[Can children eat flower nails]_Children_Impact

[Can children eat flower nails]_Children_Impact

The child’s stomach is in the sound development stage, so when feeding the child, parents should try to choose mild foods, so that these foods will not harm the child’s stomach.

The nature of flower shells is slightly cold, but flower shells are a kind of food often seen in many families, because flower shells have a very delicious taste and have irresistible magic.

But do parents think that children can eat flower turtles?

Can a child eat flower garnish?

Flower armor is also called clam.

Clams are seafood foods, with the fresh and tender taste of seafood, and also have a very high nutritional value, which is very suitable for children to eat. It supplements the nutrients required by children’s bodies and helps children grow and develop.

What are the benefits for children to eat flower nails? 1. Improve appetite. Clams are delicious and tender. It can improve the child’s appetite, promote children’s normal meals, ensure daily nutritional requirements, and are good for children’s growth and development.

2. Improving immunity. Clams are highly toxic and high in protein. A variety of vitamins and minerals can promote children’s body metabolism and improve their immunity, especially against influenza viruses.

3. Promote bone development Clam is rich in calcium. Calcium in clam can promote children’s bone development and tooth growth. It can prevent children from lack of calcium and loose teeth due to calcium deficiency.

4. Promote brain development. Trace elements such as zinc, iron and selenium in clams can promote children’s brain development, improve children’s memory and prevent “dwarfism” or mental retardation.

5. Protecting vision Zinc in clams can promote the absorption of vitamin A and prevent “night blindness” caused by lack of vitamin A. It also plays an important role in protecting children’s vision.

Precautions for eating flower shells 1.

Clams must be thoroughly cooked and not eaten raw to avoid vomiting, abdominal pain or diarrhea caused by indigestion;

Clams may cause allergic reactions in children. It is best for children to eat a pearl when they try for the first time and observe whether there are allergic reactions. Common allergic symptoms include: skin rash or wind mass, itching, intolerance, redness, swelling or difficulty breathingParents, they must not allow allergic children to come in contact with clams.

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[How to make HOME spicy pot]_Home How to make spicy pot _HOME How to make spicy pot _HOME How to make spicy pot

[How to make HOME spicy pot]_Home How to make spicy pot _HOME How to make spicy pot _HOME How to make spicy pot

Many working people do not like to cook their own meals. Once they have no time, they are too lazy to cook. HOME Spicy Hot Pot is easy to learn. It is a must-have for office workers. It is a substitute that combines nutrition and deliciousness.Tired of eating in the restaurant, it is better to do it yourself and enjoy the delicious food.

1. Wash all vegetables, cut into thin slices or small pieces, add simmered white water to 8 to ripen 2, pat garlic, scallion, ginger, millet pepper 3, cut the eggs in half, Cantonese-style sweet sausageCut the thick slice 4 with an oblique knife, pour the salad oil into the pot and heat to 80%. Add the shallot, ginger, garlic, and millet pepper to the pan and add the sauté 5, after the flavor is fried, add the fragrant pan base and continue to fry.Put good vegetables and Cantonese-style sweet sausages in the pot and continue to fry for 3 minutes. Then put out the pan, sprinkle with ground peanuts, cilantro, and a good spicy pot. Remember to make it when you make HOME spicy potMaster the heat, otherwise it is easy to stick to the pan and affect the hue of the food, which affects everyone’s appetite.

Put some pepper and sour vinegar according to personal taste.

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[How to extend the short time of men’s house]

[How to extend the short time of men’s house]

Recently, China’s sex industry has finally started to rectify. Exaggerated publicity and false advertising have been included in the crackdown.

Clapping applause!

Taking advantage of the spring breeze of party policy, I am thinking about what I should do for everyone.

In the end, it was decided to give full play to the professionalism of contempt, and make a systematic analysis report on the currently chaotic male impotence drug product industry in China.

In this article, I will make an inductive and systematic summary of all such drugs on the market and people ‘s legends that I have known for many years.

Friends who watched patiently, I believe they will gain a lot.

(At least I will not be deceived by counterfeit drugs and spend money in vain) to do my utmost.

The first category: Worldwide recognized, well-received distance products. Viagra (Via Aike) Viagra should be the most familiar medicine for everyone, the most famous, here is the first introduction.

Everyone knows the function of Viagra. I have to introduce it here to take care of new people.

Taking Viagra does not cause sexual desire, its role is to help ED patients restore normal erectile function when sexual desire is impulsive.

Viagra is a medicine, not a health supplement. It treats patients with arousal dysfunction.

It was officially announced on March 27, 1998 that the FDA approved the first oral drug to treat male sexual dysfunction.

Since then, such small blue pills have become popular, giving the rich and powerful half-bladder who is no longer young to come back to life and hug and hug.

In fact, it is found that there are still some continuous benefits in the practical process.

That sounds wonderful, so is Viagra almighty?


Patients with erectile dysfunction have a 65% to 72% chance of taking Viagra.

There is no guarantee that every patient will have very good results.

Viagra is also not a panacea. It does not allow men to arouse without cause and cannot produce sexual desire.

So Viagra is useless to normal men.

At this point you may ask me if I want to use it longer?

So to explain to everyone, those who ejaculate within two minutes are premature ejaculation and are sick.

More than two minutes, whether you can satisfy a sexual partner or not.

You can be sure that you are normal.

All you need is to increase your staying power and learn more sex skills.

So Viagra is suitable as a therapeutic drug and cannot be used as a follow-up product.

伟哥本来是个好药,就看是否适合你使用,另外服用伟哥是有副作用的,任何事物都有其利就有其弊,‘伟哥’除了会产生头痛、脸部潮红,胃不舒服的反应;Some people have severe color blindness abnormalities (3% chance of color blindness mutations) and cannot distinguish between blue and green.

Between March and June 1998 alone, there were 123 deaths worldwide as a result of taking Viagra, 69 of which occurred in the United States.

The FDA investigation found that 74% of deaths were due to heart disease. Therefore, people with high blood pressure, hypertension, and stroke records must not take ‘Viagra’ to avoid extreme sadness.

How to get?

It ‘s been a long time since we entered the domestic market. It should be available at large pharmacies near you and online. When you buy it, read the security code clearly.

Because Viagra is famous, fake and shoddy products are spoofing. Friends who want to check Viagra information on the Internet must not go to Baidu. It is recommended to use search engines such as Google or SOSO. Baidu has too many fake advertisements.

It is recommended to buy at a grade pharmacy or hospital.

Price: 50 yuan to 99 yuan per capsule.

Those below 50 yuan are generally fakes.

The price in the US is $ 7 each.

Viagra summarizes the advantages: it is really good news for patients with dysfunction, and the effect is obvious.

Disadvantages: There are certain exceptions, high prices, exceptions for counterfeit products.Second, if the ratio is ranked by popularity, the ratio is not ranked second.

Because it is a prescription drug, it is rare in the world, so its popularity is not high.

Pai here is the blessing of his elder brother, Viagra.

Because they belong to the same class of medicine.

Of course, they are different. Viagra night market is a topical ointment.

Like Viagra, Bego is also used to treat patients with erectile dysfunction.

The applicability is almost the same as Viagra, the difference is that Viagra is taken internally and higher than external use.

The principle of the higher ratio is that the higher ratio contains prostaglandin E1, which is absorbed into the penile cavernous body through the skin, activates adenylate cyclase in the cell, increases the GAMP content, and causes the slenderness to reduce the concentration of Ca ++, causing the penile cavernous body.The smooth muscles of its arteries relax and increase penile blood flow, which triggers an erection. It is also used as a prescription drug and a therapeutic drug. Normal males are not only ineffective but harmful.

Normal men cannot be used as aphrodisiac.

Because it is for external use, Bigao does not have some alternatives for taking Viagra internally, but there are some alternatives for external use. Some patients have skin allergies, inflammation and other symptoms.

Viagra takes one internally and one externally and complements each other.

Both are the choice of erectile dysfunction.

If you get?

It hasn’t been a few years since entering the domestic market, and because it is a prescription drug, even domestic hospitals do not have every one. Larger hospitals should have them, and doctors can only get them if they have a prescription.

The ratio of other channels is high, and we recommend that you do not buy it.

The price is about 130 yuan, use 3 to 4 times.

Bigao summarizes the advantages: Like Viagra, it is really good news for patients with dysfunction, and the effect is obvious.

Disadvantages: Because it is applied externally, it is applied near the urethral opening before intercourse. I don’t know what everyone thinks. As a man, I think that putting greasy things on my younger brother before intercourse has a great effect.

It also doesn’t feel good about sexual partners.

The price is on the high side, and you have to go to the hospital for a prescription to purchase, which is troublesome.

Third, heracles-sk and heracles-sk-containing extended products (heracles-sk) ranked heracles-sk third. Presumably, everyone has no opinion. This is a topical delayed spray that has been very popular in China recently.

It’s very popular everywhere, very sought after, but there should not be many people who really know it.

The main ingredients of heracles-sk are confidential until now. According to the naming convention of Chinese functional drugs, it is called heracles-sk. The official website of China is http: // www.



The first two were invented by Americans.

heracles-sk is the first worldwide product invented by Asians. In fact, heracles-sk was first introduced only one year later than Viagra.

So now everyone will ask, what is the difference between heracles-sk and the two drugs just now?

The answer is that they are two completely different types of products.

Heracles-sk is a pure follow-up product. What uses heracles-sk is that the penis can erect naturally, even if it is a little bit.

It can be seen that heracles-sk cannot help men with erectile dysfunction (this is the effect of Viagra and Vico). The function of heracles-sk is to ensure continuous piston movement (pumping) after the erection of the penis without premature ejaculation.
The principle is that the heracles-sk component acts on the cavernous tissue of the glans, soothes the most sensitive microvascular reflexes of the whole body on the glans, so that the subcutaneous nerve delays the transmission of ejaculation commands like the brain, and achieves the purpose of delay.

Judging from the principle of heracles-sk’s action, this medicine should be the safest follow-up product today. For a few years after listing, few people have heard of any adverse reactions caused by the use of heracles-sk.

Does heracles-sk use an accurate value?

The answer is no. Individual physique and sensitivity of the glans are different, and the effect is different.

My data here is an average delay of 21 minutes.

The shortest interval is 16 minutes and the longest is 70 minutes (Note: this is an extended time on its own, not the entire time). Now this medicine also has extension products, and some have added vaginal stimulation to their delay.The composition of the inner wall achieves stronger stimulation on both sides.

Like Viagra, due to its great reputation, counterfeit products and websites are on the rise, especially Baidu is the hardest hit area for counterfeit products. There are even cases where counterfeit websites fake the official website by paying Baidu promotion fees, and some also use counterfeit 315 certification.Form cheating.

As a result, too many male friends who buy inexplicably get fakes and are disappointed.
The person in charge of the brand said that they are also helpless. Baidu’s attitude towards fake websites that pay promotion costs is to open one eye and close one eye. Heracles-sk and Viagra encountered the same embarrassment on this issue.
Today heracles-sk is gaining momentum around the world.

Products that were originally developed for the general public are now more effective than prescription drugs in patients with premature ejaculation.

How to get?

The general price is 150 yuan, which can be used 50-100 times.

In some places, it has been fried for 300 to 500 yuan, and too many counterfeit products and websites have appeared on the market.

So it is recommended that everyone go to the source to buy.

Heracles-sk summarizes the advantages: external spray, basically no interval, quick onset (2-5 minutes).

Easy to use, colorless transparent liquid spray.

(The Asians are more thoughtful than the Europeans and Americans in terms of details. The use of higher ointments affects the fun. The transparent spray realizes that it is done well and the sexual partners can not detect it.) The delay effect is very prominentProlonged time is obviously what all men dream of) Cheap price (more than 1 yuan per use) Disadvantages: No effect on patients who cannot completely erect.

Fourth, Lu Lao Shen Ge wrote here, and a friend found that the three mentioned above are all well-known best-selling products on the market, and they were all developed by foreigners.

Then, as a country with a thousand years of accumulation of Chinese medicine, why haven’t there been a similar well-known brand?

The reason is that traditional Chinese medicine measures the characteristics of western medicine. First of all, we know that the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine are fundamental, and it is impossible to achieve unlimited mass production like Viagra or western medicine containing chemical ingredients, because the output of high-quality traditional Chinese medicine is limited.

Of course, this has also resulted in higher prices for high-end Chinese medicine products, which are more expensive.

The most popular places in the market such as Liuwei Dihuang Wan and Wuzi Yanzong Wan will not be introduced one by one.

As far as Lu Lao Shen Ge is concerned, as long as it is a high-end class of friends in first-tier cities, it will be familiar, but I believe that most of my friends come to Lu Lao Shen Ge from the gift sheet. Lu Lao Shen GeIn the high-end health gift market is not so hot.

After the CPPCC high-end gift-giving market emerged from events such as “sky-price cigarettes” and “cousins”, tobacco, alcohol, and luxury gifts have gradually ceased to be mainstream.

The high-end health care gifts that used to be in the second line of gift giving are slowly becoming mainstream.

Such as Lu Lao Shen Ge and Cordyceps sinensis lozenges are representative products.

However, I believe that most of my friends only know that the presents and gifts are decent, and they don’t know why they are popular. In fact, the popularity of high-end gifts is regular.

That is, colleagues follow politics, and lower levels follow high levels.

It is not difficult for everyone to imagine the reason, because Lu Lao Shen Ge started to be popular from high-level political circles, so naturally it became popular.

Everyone has to ask again, why is Lu Lao Shen Ge popular at high levels of politics?

This is the crux of the problem, and it has to start with Lu Lao Shen Ge, the inventor and brand owner.

In the ancient feudal dynasty, everyone knows that the highest level of traditional Chinese medicine is the royal doctor, and the medical institution that specializes in serving the emperor is the Tai Hospital.

In New China, there is no emperor, so naturally there is no such thing as Yuyi and Taiji Hospital.

However, the essence of rights is the same, and many of them have changed their titles, just changing the soup without changing the medicine.

When it comes to sensitive topics, I won’t say much, everyone understands.

Now naturally there is also an institution of the same nature-the Central Health Board.

The consultation experts of the Central Health Bureau are the “Yu doctors” representing the highest level of medical care in China, of course, both Chinese and Western medicine.

Among them, the leading figure in Chinese medicine is an old Chinese medicine doctor with a surname of 90 years old.

I will not mention the full name here, I believe that friends who know a little about contemporary Chinese medicine already know who it is.

Lu Lao Shen Ge is the high-end health care product invented and held by the old Chinese medicine surname Lu.

Speaking of this old Chinese doctor named Lu, his name is too much.

It is a consultation expert of the Central Health Bureau, and it is still one of the more than 20 first “National Medicine Masters” in the world, the final award of China Medical Association, the intangible cultural heritage heir, and so on.

Speaking of which I do not need to explain more, everyone should understand the reasons why Lu Lao Shen Ge is popular in high-level political circles.

A bit off topic, this article is about male products.

Products with a background make everyone buy for the first time, but the second purchase depends on the real effect.

So what is the effect of the circuit old ginseng on male friends?

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is too complicated, just to mention briefly: Lu Lao Shen Ge is based on adjusting viscera, qi, blood, yin and yang, and follows the principle of “adjusting its deficiency and reality, supplementing its deficiency, and reducing its excess”.The heart, the lungs, and the kidneys are solidified to fill qi and blood, and balance yin and yang to make qi and blood flow.
In particular, it regulates the heart’s warming yang and kidney’s nourishing yin function; stops the heart fire being overpowered, nourish liver essence with kidney essence, nourish kidney essence with liver blood, and nourish heart with liver blood.
Solve liver and kidney, liver and spleen, spleen and kidney disorders, and comprehensively strengthen the cooperative relationship of heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.

Maybe most of my friends can’t understand it. To explain it in a more general way, it is to start from the spleen and stomach to comprehensively regulate each organ.

So as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the restoration of male function.

Traditional Chinese medicine cures this.

For a more detailed understanding, you can go to the official website of Lu Lao Shen Ge.

Compared with the products mentioned earlier, you can use an analogy. Just like the old car above, all parts are worn. At this time, if you only repair or replace the engine, you can also increase the speed of the car in a short time.The situation will not change.

The most fundamental way is to overhaul the entire car, and repair and replace all the problematic parts at the same time.

This car is at its best.

Lu Lao Shen Ge achieves this goal, comprehensively conditioning each organ to achieve the purpose of fundamentally improving male function.

How to get?

Lu Lao Shen Ge has always been out of stock before the holidays. The growing market for high-end gifts has also made illegal merchants smell.

At present, in addition to high-end drug stores and shopping malls, some channels already have fake goods.

Lu Lao Shen Ge has a purity of more than 900 yuan per box and three bottles, and the mall will not fall below this minimum.

The official website of Lu Lao Shen Ge is for everyone to see. There is no discount on the price of a single box, but the discount range for more than two sets is relatively large.

Another benefit is that Luolashenge’s official website will not be out of stock and fake.

Lu Lao Shen Ge’s advantages: By comprehensively conditioning various human organs, it can fundamentally improve male sexual function.

It can also improve the health of the entire body.

Disadvantages: The weakness of the principle of Chinese medicine is timeliness, which cannot be immediate.

Need to take to take good effect.

Summary of the first major category: In fact, there are still many varieties in the first major category. I wo n’t list them here, only four of them are specified. More people can go to andrology hospitals to learn) 123Next page

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[Eating after completing hemorrhoid surgery _ Attention after completing hemorrhoid surgery]

[Eating after completing hemorrhoid surgery _ Attention after completing hemorrhoid surgery]

For patients with severe hemorrhoids, timely surgical treatment is very necessary. It is necessary to strengthen the nursing after restarting, not to mention everything after the operation, because if the conditioning is not correct, it may easily cause recurrence. Try to strengthen the diet and eat more.For coarse grains, eat more legumes, and usually eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. You must not eat irritating foods. It is best to quit smoking and drinking.

1, the choice of staple foods and beans, eat more coarse grains such as millet, sorghum rice, sweet potatoes, corn, miscellaneous beans and so on.

Selection of meat, egg and milk Pig lean meat, pig large intestine, duck meat, soft-shelled turtle, sea cucumber, and milk and soy products; when you have bloody stools, you can choose foods that have hemostatic effect such as yellow croaker, black fish.

2. Eat more vegetables and choose celery, chives, winter gourd, loofah, spinach, water spinach, eggplant, cabbage, radish, daylily, coriander, etc. You can eat black fungus, fresh coriander, etc. to nourish and stop bleeding when you have bloody stools.

3. Appropriate choice of fruit. Oranges, persimmons, pears, mulberries, mangosteens, figs, olives, carambola, bananas, apples, red dates and so on.

Other walnuts, sesame, persimmons, honey, use more sesame oil, rapeseed oil, etc. during cooking to increase the lubricity of the intestinal contents.

4, avoid spicy foods such as pepper, mustard, ginger and other foods, can stimulate the rectal mucosa, cause vasodilation and congestion, and make hemorrhoids more serious.

5, avoid drinking alcoholic hot and spicy drinking can make the anus discomfort, aggravate the symptoms of blood in the stool, swelling and pain.

6, eat less or do not eat hard and indigestible foods such as broad beans, twists and other hard foods are difficult to digest in the body, easy to damage during defecation and correction of anal mucosa, causing blood or pain in the stool.

If the symptoms of hemorrhoids are not serious, they can be treated with proper diet therapy.

Now that surgery has been done for treatment, in life, we must talk about diet, drink plenty of water and eat fruits.

Keep your stools from drying up, and often participate in a variety of sports activities such as radio gymnastics, Taijiquan, qigong, shuttlecocks, etc. to enhance your disease resistance and reduce the incidence of diseases, and also have a certain preventive effect on hemorrhoids.

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