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[Baoluofen marinade practice]_ how do _ homemade practice

[Baoluofen marinade practice]_ how do _ homemade practice

Baoluofen traditional snacks Hainan, Hainan tourism have been to people who will not be unfamiliar.

Baoluofen of raw material is very simple, mainly noodles, but tastes good have a great relationship with the marinade, the marinade will do well Baoluofen delicious, marinades do well, there is no authentic Baoluofen oftaste.

Therefore, Baoluofen marinade can do it is the key to Baoluofen of.

So, what Baoluofen marinade practice?

Baoluofen practice of rice, water, sesame oil, edible oil.

1. Wash the rice clean, soak it with water and grind it into a fine rice slurry; 2. Put it into a cloth bag, squeeze out the water, and soak it in water; 3. Take out the dough after removing it, add oil and sesame oiland water into a paste; 4, filling the powder cartridge, the pressing force to the boiling pot, can be picked up just cooked, drain can be too cold.

Luo hold practice marinade powder: garlic sauce practice Hug Luo powder chili peppers, red pepper, tomato 1 kg, an appropriate amount of ginger and garlic, water, vinegar, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate.

deal_h3 ( ‘method step “) 1, fresh chili peppers, red pepper with few, 500 g of tomato, a ginger, garlic two discharge a paste mixer; 2, a drainage pan bowl, with the heat and simmer, in a variety of paste pot, boil sauce (garlic left half of the final discharge) side edge boil salt, sugar and vinegar; 3, remember to keep stirring with a spoon to anti-sticking pan, from thin to thick may turn offfire, and then the next point of MSG, then pour into the rest of the garlic, cool bottle.

Baoluofen marinade practice: peanut sauce practice

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[Can pregnant eat convolvulus]_ convolvulus _ pregnancy period _ food taboo

[Can pregnant eat convolvulus]_ convolvulus _ pregnancy period _ food taboo

Usually, people like to eat water spinach very much, they can add enough protein and vitamins, etc. It is worth mentioning that women can also eat water spinach after pregnancy. Pregnant women have many benefits of eating water spinach, which can regulate mood.

First, can pregnant women eat water spinach?

Can eat.

Waterweed is rich in protein.

It contains 2 for every 100 grams of water spinach.

2 grams of protein, pregnant women eat convolvulus, can supplement protein, strengthen physical strength to maintain vitality, improve physical immunity, and effectively resist bacterial invasion.

Water spinach is rich in vitamins.

The content of vitamin C in water spinach is higher than that of Chinese cabbage. Pregnant women eating water spinach can supplement vitamin C, maintain the health of bones and teeth, protect cell functions, and maintain the normal detoxification function of the body.

Water spinach is rich in calcium.

For every 100 grams of water spinach, there are 99 milligrams of calcium. Pregnant women can supplement calcium, maintain normal metabolism, maintain normal nervous system function, and promote healthy development of hypertension nervous system.

Second, can a woman eat convolvulus?

Can eat.
Water spinach is rich in nutrient elements. Maternal production will lose nutrition. Eating water spinach can supplement nutrition, supplement benefits, restore the fatigue caused by production, smooth the melancholic mood often after delivery, and maintain emotional health.

Water spinach is rich in crude fiber. This crude fiber is composed of cellulose, lignin and pectin. Maternal eating water spinach and supplementing crude fiber can promote detoxification of the body, reduce body edema and promote postpartum recovery of the body.

Water spinach is rich in calcium. There are 99 mg of calcium in every 100 grams of water spinach. Maternal eating water spinach can supplement calcium, maintain normal metabolism, and maintain normal nervous system function.

Water spinach also contains niacin. Maternal eating water spinach can supplement niacin, maintain memory, protect the normal brain, and maintain the health of the brain and nervous system.

Third, the nutritional value of spinach. Spinach is rich in nutrients. 100 grams of spinach contain 147 mg of calcium, ranking first in leafy vegetables. Vitamin A is 4 times higher than tomato, and vitamin C is 17 higher than tomato.


The edible portion is 76%.

Each 100g contains 84kj of energy and 92 moisture.

9 grams of protein 2.

2 grams, aunt 0.

3g, glucose fiber 1.

4 grams, glucose 2.

2g, carotene 1520 μg, retinol equivalent 253 μg, thiamine 0.

03mg, riboflavin 0.

08mg, niacin 0.

8mg; Vitamin E1.

09mg; potassium 243mg, sodium 94.

3mg, calcium 99mg, magnesium 29mg, iron 2.

3mg, manganese 0.

67mg, zinc 0.

39mg, copper 0.

1mg, phosphorus 38mg, selenium 1.

2 micrograms.

The medicinal ingredient is an insulin-like substance effective for treating diabetes.

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[Food and Fruits for Milking]_How to Eat_Nutrition

[Food and Fruits for Milking]_How to Eat_Nutrition

Many of the foods we eat play different roles at different stages of the human body.

Women have to start breastfeeding after giving birth to their baby. Due to physical reasons, the amount of milk may not meet the baby’s needs.

At this time, people will choose some milk-feeding foods and fruits for maternal consumption to promote milk production.

So what fruits and foods should the mother eat to achieve the purpose of milking?

Come and understand it.

Mothers will start breastfeeding after giving birth to their babies, and whether enough milk becomes a concern for moms every day.

For some mothers with insufficient milk, eating more food or fruit that can be fed is a good choice.

So what fruit does the mother eat?

First, what fruits do mothers eat to keep milk in order to keep milk? First, the mother needs to eat a little food, that is, the type of food to be eaten is diverse. Every day, vegetables and fruits must be guaranteed. Soy products must be eaten every day.
500 ml, one egg a day, meat or fish are often eaten, the second is to avoid auntie, greasy food, the third is to pay attention to keep warm, the fourth is to pay attention to rest and exercise, the fifth is to keepThe mood is happy. Sixth, the mother should let the baby suck more breasts and promote the secretion of milk.

At the same time, you can eat more fruits and foods that can promote milk.

1. Fruits containing a lot of vitamins.

Such as kiwi, orange, haw, etc.

Very high levels of Vitamin C and Calcium prevent postpartum bleeding.

Calcium is an important component of the baby’s bones and teeth. Women who eat these fruits properly can provide calcium to the baby through the mother’s milk, which can promote the growth of the baby’s teeth and bones.

In addition, these fruits have a milk-passing effect, and can be eaten when the mammary gland ducts are not smooth, which can help the mother to recover the secreted milk.

2. Fruits containing a large amount of iron and protein, such as grapes and red dates, have higher iron content, so they can replenish blood.

Can consider iron food, maternal postpartum blood loss too much, grape can be used as a blood sacred product.

Jujube is the best tonic in fruits. It has the effects of nourishing the spleen, activating the stomach, replenishing qi, promoting blood flow, regulating blood vessels, and relieving toxic effects.

Second, the maternal lactation soup 1, 250 grams of black sesame, fried and ground, served with trotter soup.

2, a pair of trotters, 15 grams of white lotus root, 10 grams of grass, soup or cooked to eat.

3. Stewed pork trotters or stewed pork belly or pork tongue with peanut rice, or porridge with peanut rice and rice.

4, boiled catfish with winter melon skin.

5, 30 grams of daylily, 200 grams of soybeans, 1 trotter, the right amount of water, stewed and seasoned once a day for 5 days.

6, 150 grams of tofu, 50 grams of brown sugar, 50 grams of rice wine, first boil tofu and brown sugar with an appropriate amount of water, after the brown sugar melted, pour rice wine to cook for a while, eat tofu and soup, eat once, eat for 5 days.

Third, improve the nutrition of breast milk 1, a lot of supplements: the source of energy for mothers and babies.

Rice, noodles, cereals, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other rich in glucose, eat more during breastfeeding than usual.

2, high-quality protein: protein is the basis of baby growth and development.

Fish, poultry, meat and animal offal, eggs, milk and soy products can provide high-quality protein.

3, the right amount of aunt: Aunt can not only provide energy, but also provide fatty acids, participate in the baby’s brain development.

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[The most used contraceptive method]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraceptive measures

[The most used contraceptive method]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraceptive measures

Many newly-married couples do not want to have children because they just get married, so they will have contraception. This way, even sex life can be guaranteed, and there will be no other trouble.

The first is condoms, because condoms are safer and can give people peace of mind. Are there other ways?

Let’s take a look at what are the most used contraceptive methods?

What are the ways to be confident after the fact?

Too many women have broken condoms during intercourse, or intercourse without any contraceptive measures. In order to avoid pregnancy, they have tried too many methods such as violently jumping on the ground, sneezing, and coughing.The semen in the vagina is discharged. Conditional housewives use soda water, warm vinegar water, rinse the vagina, or use a damp cloth to scrub the vagina so that the semen is replaced. Some people also put contraceptive ointment into the vagina.

These methods can only kill and clean the sperm left in the vagina. When the condom ruptures, the sperm quickly swims into the cervix and uterus. As a result, there are always people who cannot help getting pregnant.

It is difficult to say whether the part of women who are not pregnant is due to the adoption of these measures.

Because unprotected sex is not 100% pregnant.

Its fertility rate is about 2-30%. The measures described below are how to minimize the fertility rate.

The methods of post-hoc contraception can be divided into two categories, drug methods and mechanical methods.

Drugs are divided into hormones and non-hormones.

For hormonal drugs, family visits are commonly used in China.

Some of the family visit medicines still need to be taken before the intercourse. Among them, anti-pregnancy No. 53 only needs to take 1 tablet immediately after the intercourse, and one tablet in the morning after the first intercourse.Its contraceptive effect is 99.5%. Other hormonal drugs used after pregnancy are pure estrogen, that is, ethyl phenol needs to be taken for 5 days after intercourse, twice daily, 25 mg each time, the effect is more than 99%, but the stomach is preliminary.The response is heavy and difficult to accept.

In addition, progestogens, taking a single dose of 18-methyl norethisterone 0.4mg after intercourse, have an effect of 98.3%, and have the disadvantage of irregular bleeding.

The first post hoc hormone drugs, namely estrogen and progestin, are used in combination. They are called four females in foreign countries. They are divided into two doses within 72 hours of the intercourse, with an interval of 12 hours.

Each time 50 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol and 250 micrograms of 18-methyl norethisterone were taken, the failure rate was 0-1.6%.

Anisotropy is the same as before.

The mechanism of these hormonal hormonal contraceptives is not single. It can interfere with sperm motility and capacitation, fallopian tube movement inhibits or displaces ovulation, fertilization, corpus luteum function, endometrial development, implantation, growth and development, etc.

Therefore, we can grind, there are many methods of contraception, so the problem of the most used method of contraception cannot be solved. In daily life, if you want contraception, then you must choose the safest method of contraception. In case you are pregnant,Then we must face it positively, and we should not have negative emotions. Choose the right method to solve the problem, and this will not have consequences.

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[Can you drink milk after eating peaches]_White blood_Same food

[Can you drink milk after eating peaches]_White blood_Same food

Everyone familiar with this kind of food should be replaced by a fresh fruit. When you eat it, you will feel a lot of water in it, but in fact, many people do n’t know that peaches are growingIt is used as a medicinal material and can treat a lot of diseases, so there must be many taboos when eating peaches, but they can be eaten with milk.

[Peony]Ye Zhizhi headache, malaria, eczema, dermatitis, sores “Chinese medicine”.

Examination site: stem wood cures all wind disorders, stomach pain “Yunyaolu”.

[Water medicine]female put: seed kernel to cure gum swelling and pain “Water Medicine”.

[Hani medicine]Xi Yong: radical enteritis, gastritis “Bannahani medicine”.

[Long Pao Yao]A Wei: Bark is used for diarrhea, colds, pain in the whole body, rickets, and malaria.

[Paeonia lactiflora]Shili: Seed kernels for treating amenorrhea, bruises, and blood dryness and constipation.

[Mao difficult medicine]Meilertao: root bark to treat dental caries; seeds to remove blood stasis (Mao difficult) “Gui Yaobian”.

[Yao Yao]Writes: Ye Zhi’s general discomfort caused by overwork, hepatic removal of “Guang Min Yao”.

[Zhuang medicine]Mai Peng: Ye Zhi vaginitis, cervicitis, “Gui Yaobian”.

[Jingpo Medicine]sawum tum: Dehong menstruation, amenorrhea, bruises, bruises, swelling and pain, Dehong Medicine Record.

[Achang Medicine]Tao Ren: Function “Dehong Yaolu” by Tongjingpo.

[Deang Medicine]Aungbie Kong: Function of “Dehong Yaolu” by Tongjingpo.

[Kino medicine]: Tobacco is washed outside the bark to treat skin itching;

Suitable for people: Peach is suitable for people with hypoglycemia and when their mouth is dry and thirsty; suitable for people with hypokalemia and iron deficiency anemia; suitable for patients with lung disease, liver disease and edema; suitable for those with poor stomach appetite and weak digestion.
Do not eat: peach fever, internal heat sores, folliculitis, skin ulcers and skin ulcers are not eaten; diabetes patients are not eaten; peaches are not eaten with turtles; rotten peaches should not be eaten, otherwise it is harmful to health.

It is a normal phenomenon that casein in milk satisfies weak acid.

Therefore, some people think that milk precipitation loses its nutritional value or cannot be absorbed by the body.

In addition, yogurt fermented by lactic acid bacteria is also in a precipitated state.

Various desserts made with milk and fruit are also very popular abroad. I have not heard of digestive problems in Europe and the United States.

If the gastrointestinal function is normal and you don’t feel diarrhea or bloating when drinking cold milk, then you don’t need to worry about drinking juice immediately after drinking milk will cause trouble.

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[Why Hui people do n’t eat pork]_Do not eat pork_Huimin_Reason

[Why Hui people do n’t eat pork]_Do not eat pork_Huimin_Reason

The main reason why Hui people do not eat pork is because of their beliefs. In addition, Jews and some Christians do not eat pork.

The Qur’an explicitly forbids Muslims from eating pork.

The Hui people believe that eating pork and the Islamic dietary principles are contrary.

In addition to not eating pork, Hui people fast on blood.

Fasting meat from donkeys, horses, mules and other non-ruminant animals.

Do not eat cat and dog meat.

Often referred to as “Muslims”, when we talk about them, we often think of Muslims who go to worship in mosques. We will think that Muslims taboo on pork. So why do n’t Hui people eat pork?

Many speculations are circulating in the square, and today let us reveal the secret of Hui people not eating pork.

Before Judaism and Islam were founded, there was a custom of fasting pork in the Arabian Peninsula.

Due to the hot climate of the Arabian Peninsula and mostly deserts, it was not conducive to the growth and reproduction of pigs. At that time, the Semites on the Arabian Peninsula were mainly sheep herds and camels.

The ancient Egyptians also regarded pigs as unclean and disgusting.

The ancient Greek historian Herod wrote in his book “History” in Egypt, the Middle East: “In the eyes of the Egyptians, dolphins are an unclean animal.He accidentally touched a guinea pig, and he immediately rushed to the river, dressed in clothes, and jumped into the river. Even the dolphin was an indigenous Egyptian, and no one wanted to marry his daughter to him . “This shows that the ancient Egyptians had a strict ban on pigs at the time. Not only did they not eat pork, they could not even touch or touch pigs, and they also hated pigmen.

The Hui people do not eat pork. The fundamental reason is belief. They are absolutely loyal to Allah ‘s orders. They are convinced that Allah is kind and caring to his slaves. Many prohibited behaviors, such as the prohibition of eating pork, are bound to surpass humanity.Wisdom and grace of thinking understanding.

Allah is the most benevolent, kind, beloved, and forbidden act to believers. It must inevitably prevent people from being harmed. It is also a test of faithfulness to believers. For example, teachers prohibit students from plagiarism and cheating.With loyalty and filial piety, exercise becomes a good character, which can be endless for life.

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[How long can fried rice stay in the refrigerator]_Storage time

[How long can fried rice stay in the refrigerator]_Storage time

Fried rice is a relatively common staple food, which is generally made by frying. When making fried rice, you can also add a variety of other ingredients, such as eggs, shredded pork, corn, etc.Therefore, many people like to eat fried rice, and some people cook it at home.

However, the fried rice that can’t be eaten must be preserved.

So, can fried rice be placed in the refrigerator?

How long can I keep it?

First, fried rice introduction Fried rice is a common food, generally divided into multiple categories, such as: Yangzhou fried rice, sausage fried rice, tomato fried rice, curry fried rice, bacon fried rice and so on.

It is very popular with the public and is also featured in various places.

The main ingredients are made from cooked rice, some added, and fried eggs.

The general public regards fried rice as breakfast or dinner, because fried rice is convenient to make and takes time to replace.

Second, do you want to put egg fried rice in the refrigerator? Egg fried rice is generally recommended to be cooked and eaten, because egg fried rice is already a finished product, and then it is easy to breed bacteria.

So, do you want to put egg fried rice in the refrigerator?

If the cold rice is kept in the refrigerator for several days, the bacteria on it will be many times more than that of fresh rice, even if it is not damaged.

It is best to use overnight cold rice for egg fried rice. Cover it with plastic wrap before putting it in the refrigerator.

The reason why egg fried rice is chosen overnight is that it will be more evacuated if fried in this way.

If you can, it’s better to sautify animal oils than vegetable oils.

It is best to add a little water when stirring the egg liquid, so that the fried eggs will be easily broken.

Third, do you want to put the refrigerator overnight? 1. It is better to put it in the refrigerator. You can remove the water and the fried rice will be separated.

2. If you don’t put it in the refrigerator overnight, the rice will stick together, it won’t be fried and it won’t taste good.

Fourth, how to save the overnight rice leftovers must be stored in the freezer, so as not to destroy the nutritional structure of the rice, when you eat it, reheat it just like freshly steamed ones.

If the structure of the rice is accelerated at normal temperature and refrigerated, the structure of the rice will be damaged, and reheating will not absorb well and will cause a burden on the stomach.

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[How to make curry sauce]_How to make_How to make

[How to make curry sauce]_How to make_How to make

Many people in life especially like curry. We can also use curry to make curry sauce. Generally, curry is powdery, so the method is very simple when making curry sauce. In order to make the curry sauce taste more deliciousGood, be sure to stir the curry sauce and the sauce evenly, so we can apply the curry sauce when eating chicken chops or other foods, so how to make the curry sauce?

The practice of curry sauce: Materials: curry powder 30 g nuts 30 g vegetable oil 70 g minced shallot 5 g minced shallot 10 g minced garlic (2?
3 petals) 5 grams of dried ginger with ground ginger 2?
3 fragrant leaves, 2 slices of black pepper, 10 grains of salt, suitable amount of broth (chicken broth or bone soup) 250 g Note: If there is no powder, you can use all vegetable oil, but it has a special flavor without butter. It can also be used without water in the stock.It will be slightly inferior; without yellow pepper powder, the flavor of the curry will become yellow, but it will not affect the taste: 1.

Put the vegetable oil and paste in the clean pot, and simmer until the paste melts2.

Add scallion, ginger, garlic and scallion.

Add dried chili, fragrant leaves, pepper and stir-fry.

Add curry powder and stir-fry with light heat 5.

Pour in the broth, boil over high heat, cook over low heat until the oil turns yellow, and the sauce becomes slightly thicker and season with salt to turn off the heat.

Sieve the cooked sauce and remove the seasoning from it. 7.

You can put more into the bottle at one time and keep it in the refrigerator. The taste is much more delicious than the finished oil curry sauce bought in the supermarket. You can directly stir-fry the rice, or you can stir-fry the vegetables and add the sauce to make curryCurry mixed vegetables (can be transformed into curry beef curry chicken nuggets curry rice, etc.) Main ingredients: cauliflower kidney beans carrot potatoes potato eggplant celery green pepper onion (can be any vegetable you like) Seasoning: raw soy pepper oil vegetable oilSalt practice: 1.

Pick the cauliflower into small flowers, cut the bean celery into 2 cm long pieces, cut the carrot into 1 cm thick round slices of potato eggplant and cut into small pieces, and cut the green pepper onions into triangle slices 2.

Add water to bring to a boil, add beans and carrots and potatoes and cook for 2 minutes, then add cauliflower and cook for 1 minute, then add eggplant and celery to blanch, and then remove all water to control the water3.

Heat vegetable oil in a wok and add scallions and stir-fry 4.

Pour in scalded vegetables and green peppers and add some raw soy sauce.

Put two tablespoons of oil curry paste and one tablespoon of chili oil (you can put it according to your taste) 6.

Bring some soup or water and salt to a boil, and boil on medium heat (2 minutes)

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