[How to save bean paste]_Save method_How to save

[How to save bean paste]_Save method_How to save

The texture of red bean paste is particularly good. The red bean paste is glutinous and sweet. Whether it is used as a red bean paste bag or some food is paired with red bean paste, it will become very delicious.The special point is that it is not easy to save, even if it is placed in the refrigerator, it will not be guaranteed to deteriorate. The correct storage method of red bean paste is very important, and you need to master good skills and methods.

In life, many people especially like pasta.

In addition to steamed buns, bean paste buns are also a favorite food for many people.

The outer skin is relatively soft, and the bean paste inside is sweet but not greasy. It tastes particularly good.

Drinking a bowl of soy milk and two bean paste bags in the morning feels very good.

Many parents like to make bean paste at home, and then use it to make bean paste or to make some.

However, sometimes there is a lot of bean paste filling, which can’t be used all at once, so how to save it becomes a more difficult problem.

Now let the little gourmets to share their preservation experience, hoping to help more friends.

1. After the friends have prepared the bean paste filling, they need to air dry and then put it into a sealed container.

Friends can put bean paste in the refrigerated room.

When storing, be sure to fill and cover so that there will be no other taste in the bean paste filling.

If you skewer, the taste of the red bean paste will also be much worse.

However, refrigerated can only be stored for about a week. If you do not eat it as soon as possible, the bean paste filling will deteriorate.

2. If you want to preserve the red bean paste for a long time, you can put it in the freezer to save it.

Preserving the bean paste filling in this way is not easy to deteriorate.

However, friends need to add a small portion of the bean paste filling when storing, so that they can be used immediately.

Do not store the red bean paste together, otherwise, it will take a lot of time to thaw each time you eat it.

Often after thawing, it will affect the taste of the bean paste filling.

All in all, don’t make too much homemade bean paste at one time, and make a fresh bean paste or some kind of bean paste.

Friends can also put the prepared red bean paste products in the freezer and heat them when they want to eat, so that they don’t need to make them again.

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