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Savage sex skills, let you reach orgasm

Savage sex skills, let you reach orgasm

Your sexual contact must be compatible with the environment. If you are in the kitchen, you must “quickly fix”, don’t have too many romantic events; in bright light, it is more suitable for strong, barbaric sex; orYou can light a candle, create a fire, and create a twilight light. This is to use a slow passion to match this emotional environment. Don’t be closed because of familiarity or comfort.


hzh {display: none; }  性应该是令人兴奋的,有时候小小的改变–例如从明亮变成黑暗–就足以在你的性接触中激起性爱的火花。Try to make love in some places you have never thought of, and be sure to stimulate!

Where you are going to have sex, you may be more excited than yours.

Even if you are making love in another room in your home, or telling her softly in a crowded room that she is so excited, she can stay novel and excited.

  Sex is a sensory experience, and when you apply all your feelings, your passion will increase.

Once you limit where you make love, then you are limiting yourself.

Before you try, you will never know how excited you are to have sex in an unconventional place.

  Anywhere in the world may be a place to make love, or it may become uncomfortable or rushed. However, in a car, outdoors or in a banquet’s bathroom, the passion generated by sexual intercourse is worth more than any inconvenience.

You can also give up the bedroom and the comfort of privacy, but if you catch the opportunity, you will have a experience to remember.

  You can plan your sexual activity in unusual places, or you can naturally happen in that place.

Your lover may reluctantly agree, or fear that you will be “lived”.

Don’t force her, but when you see a good place, and time permits, don’t hesitate to suggest her sex.

Your lover may just need to get used to this idea, then let her be interested in this kind of thing.

  If you plan to have sex in an unusual place, make sure everything is arranged beforehand.

When you tell the female partner about the plan, and both of them have entered the situation, you must not stop in this situation for any reason, otherwise it will only cause setbacks.

Always show your physical attraction to your lover, you will greatly strengthen the sexual relationship between you.

If you limit sex to a particular occasion or to a specific place, your other disks will be isolated.

If you want to make your woman crazy in bed, it is absolutely necessary to let sex be a routine.

  Don’t make love when you are asleep, then you will only perfunctory things, choose to be better in the afternoon, and limit your love to the same time of the day. This is definitely not a brilliant idea.

Every day, your body’s chemicals change the way you change your day, and your sexual experience changes into it.

Especially with the new lover, you are obliged to experience sex at different times.

Some people don’t respond at all in certain times of the day, but at other times they can hardly restrain themselves. Therefore, you need to understand the rhythm and preferences of your lover.

  Many men like to use the morning erection (urine caused by the pressure in the bladder), but many women think this is the most romantic spot in the day.

In many cases, it is very uncomfortable for a woman to have sex with a bladder filled with urine, and this pressure often causes urine infection.

If you want to have sex in the morning, be sure to pay attention to your lover’s reaction, suggesting that she go to the toilet, or two people to brush their teeth.

For everything that makes her fresh, you will have a wonderful time.

  Sexual behavior in the afternoon will be great. You usually have to work hard at this time. At this time, sex will add considerable excitement.

Quick fixes can be made anywhere and should be encouraged. After all, that is the goal of their efforts.

You can go out together at night, or you can have breakfast on Sunday, or you can have sex before you go out to work.

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Elderly dry cough should be checked early to avoid delay in treatment

Elderly dry cough should be checked early to avoid delay in treatment

Uncle Zhao is 68 years old, thin and tough, but he has only some dry cough recently.

At first, Grandpa Zhao thought that it was because of smoking, he was worried about smoking.

However, after the reduction, the cough is no longer relieved, and it is more and more repeated.

Uncle Zhao looked at the community hospital and the doctor suggested that he take a chest radiograph.

He was too troublesome and refused.

The doctor couldn’t help but gave him some cough and anti-inflammatory drugs and told him not to come again.

After Grandpa Zhao finished eating the medicine, he did not have good blood sugar, but it was even more serious. From time to time, he also took blood.

He hurried to the hospital to take a film check.

As a result, the doctor confirmed that he had lung cancer.

  The clinical clinical manifestations of lung cancer with certain symptoms are related to the location, type, size, presence or absence of metastasis and complications.

The symptoms caused by the primary tumor are cough, initial paroxysmal cough, no sputum or pus sputum, or a large amount of mucous sputum, or mucopurulent sputum, hemoptysis, bloody or intermittent blood stasis in the sputum, evenThere are large hemoptysis, wheezing, shortness of breath, or fever, which may be accompanied by anorexia, fatigue, weight loss, chest pain, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, and hoarseness.

  The occurrence of lung cancer is related to certain factors. At present, the correct pathogenesis of lung cancer can not be eliminated, and may be related to smoking, air pollution, ionizing radiation, genetic factors, diet and nutrition, occupational carcinogenic factors (carcinogenic substances in certain occupational labor environments).Such as chromium, sputum, asbestos, etc.) as well as viral infections associated with certain lung diseases.

  There are also some common diseases that can cause dry cough.

Respiratory diseases: pharyngitis, laryngeal cancer, early stage of acute bronchitis, tracheal compression, bronchial foreign body, bronchial tumor.


Various causes of pleurisy, symptoms such as dry cough, chest pain, chest tightness, difficulty breathing.


Tuberculosis, mainly manifested as dry cough, hemoptysis, difficulty breathing, chest pain, with hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, weight loss and so on.


Mitral valve fractures, clinical signs of dry cough in bed, difficulty breathing, hemoptysis, hoarseness, with red sputum and red.


Certain drug metabolites: such as the antihypertensive drug captopril.

  After the appearance of dry cough, you should go to the hospital to take a X-ray film as soon as possible. It is best for the elderly to do a sputum test at the same time to detect plasma or tuberculosis, to find it early and treat it early.

Like Zhao’s uncle, taking medicine and taking it lightly will delay diagnosis, delay treatment, and miss the best treatment opportunity.

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Old people want to live long and eat a little bit _1

Old people want to live long and eat a little bit

The nutritional composition of the diet has a great impact on the length of human life.

As early as the 1930s, American nutritionist Clyde?

McCain has done this experiment: limiting the intake of heat in a single mouse, but ensuring other necessary nutrients, while the other group of mice is free to feed.

  As a result, the bones of the free-eating mice stopped growing after 175 days, and the diet-restricted mice were 300 days old, and the bones were still growing slowly after 500 days or even 1000 days.

The free-fed mice died in less than two and a half years, and the restricted-feeding mice lived for three to four years.

The incidence of tumors in the restricted group of mice was also much less than in the free diet group, and the most common renal hardening almost completely disappeared.

This is the most amazing “Mecca effect” in gerontological research, but it did not attract enough attention.

  In the late 1960s, American gerontologist Mark Layton made a substitute of 20% protein and 5% vegetable oil to replace the white mice: the first group fed a normal diet of 20 kilocalories per day, and the second group fed 10 thousand.Card transition feed.

As a result, the life span of the second group of mice was more than twice as long as that of the first group.

The test again shows that limiting the conversion of the body under the guarantee of adequate nutrition can delay aging and prolong life.

  Why is it appropriate to limit food for longevity?

American immunologist Orfol pointed out that the immunity of the restriction-free swap body remained strong at the age of aging, which replaced the timing disorder of the immune central organ-thymus.

Some biochemists’ tests on restricted-organized rats showed that when they were old, the accumulation of lipofuscin in the main organs such as the heart and brain was much lower than that of normal-age rats.

According to the experiment of Rohr Woolford, MD, of the University of California, can the food limit be lowered by 2 °C?
3 ° C.

Body temperature has a decisive influence on life, and food restriction is an effective way to naturally reduce body temperature.

  Recently, Professor Omura Yu of the University of Jiuzhou, Japan, found that after eating too much, a substance called “fibroblast growth factor” in the brain increased tens of thousands of times before eating.

This substance can make capillary endothelial cells and tiny cells proliferate, and can make cerebral arteriosclerosis, which is the main substance causing premature aging of the brain.

Professor Omura Yu pointed out that there is currently no effective drug to control the increase of “fibroblast growth factor” during satiety. However, by limiting the amount of diet, reducing the production of “fibroblast growth factor” in the brain, implanted into the brain.It is entirely possible that arteriosclerosis and brain aging are possible.

  The “McCar effect” tells us that it is very important for middle-aged and elderly people to pay attention to proper dieting: replacement, to reduce animal waste, plasma, high-sugar, high-starch foods; supplements, to properly increase foods with high protein and vitamin content.
It is important for middle-aged and elderly people to properly diet, which must be carried out before nutrition is guaranteed.

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How to do well in spring

How to do well in spring

From Lichun to Qingming, it is the best time to maintain your health in the spring. If you can adjust your body during this period, you will have no disadvantages for most of your health.

How to proceed specifically?

Experts pointed out that spring health should do the following seven things.

  First, the “Body Cleaning” spring is the sweeping season, and the body needs to be cleaned up.

Drinking more juice can clear the intestines, do not absorb any sugar and caffeine within two weeks, smoking is a good choice.

In addition, it is best to ban alcohol in the spring, don’t overdo it, and you can get enough in seven minutes, which will make your body more energetic.

  Second, the most important springs that protect the liver and gallbladder become more serious in the liver and some small problems in the gallbladder.

To protect the liver and gallbladder, it is necessary to avoid any chemical substances in the environment, eat less animal oil and fried foods, eat less in restaurants, and stay away from the inferior oil used for cooking. It is best to eat 1-2 nuts a day.

You should eat good oils, such as olive oil and oil pressed with nuts and seeds, which are like the same, making your body parts more flexible, healthy and not easily damaged.

The liver is comfortable, and the human ligaments, tendons and joints are not stiff.

  Third, spring should eat more bean sprouts. The bean sprouts are in a constant growth process, in which vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients are the freshest.

In the spring of the recovery of all things, the human body is also growing, especially in this alternative nutrient.

In addition, lettuce, spinach and other fresh green leafy vegetables grown in spring, as well as seasonal fruits such as strawberries and cherries are also the most beneficial.

  Fourth, suitable for gradual movement throughout the cold winter, the human body seems to be curled up, so the most suitable thing for spring is to gradually move to wake up the body.

Young people are best to do yoga, and the elderly can practice qigong.

  Fifth, the brains of the B-vitamins should be in a state of excitement, and the B-vitamins have a calming effect on the nervous system, which helps to enhance the energy of the cells and prevent mosquito bites that breed in the spring.

In addition, supplemental calcium and magnesium also help calm the nervous system and muscles, relieve anxiety or insomnia.

  Sixth, herbs help spring detoxification Many herbs grown in spring can cause detoxification.

For example, senna can clear the intestines; dandelion is the best for liver protection, which helps the liver to heal; licorice helps balance energy and digestion, reducing stress.

In addition, fumigation with flowers such as mint, rosemary or lavender and rose petals helps to cleanse the skin and sinuses.

  Seven, to the outdoors and the earth “resonance” spring, near the air is almost fresh, floral fragrance can make people relax, reduce stress.

The most important thing is that the earth’s vibration is about 8 Hz per second, which is consistent with the alpha wave rhythm of the human brain. It is the most comfortable and has a certain healing effect on the brain.

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It’s important for the elderly to live a good old age. How to live a healthy old age.

It’s important for the elderly to live a good old age. How to live a healthy old age.

Many elderly people feel that they are bored once they retire. They don’t know how to live their good old age, and they feel depressed and restless. They stay at home and watch TV all day.

In fact, as long as the elderly master some skills, they can also enrich their old age. Let’s take a look at it.

  So how should the elderly live their old age?

  1. Develop your own hobbies. If you want to make your life rich and colorful, you should cultivate your hobbies and hobbies. You can dance or go fishing with your old friends, and you can learn some.Calligraphy or painting, you can also grow some flowers, or dance and sing with old friends, so that you can make your life more open and richer.

You can experience happiness in a rich life, so you can make your life better.

  2, insisting that exercise is not an elderly person can not exercise, the elderly should pay more attention to exercise, in regular times to adhere to regular exercise, can make themselves become younger, can be full of vitality, but be careful not to carry out high-intensity exercise,Also pay attention to not being able to exercise excessively. You should choose the exercise mode and amount of exercise that suits you according to your own health. At the same time, you should pay attention to morning exercise that cannot be taken too early in the morning. You should exercise after half an hour after eating breakfast.

  3, to maintain a healthy diet, the age of the elderly will gradually increase, the physical quality will become lower, and the function of multiple organs of the body will slowly degenerate. In this case, we should pay more attention to the normal diet and health, and keep the diet reduced.You can eat more fish and fish to supplement the body with protein and a variety of nutrients, but also eat more vegetables and fruits, but pay attention to dinner to avoid eating too much, keep a full seven minutes.

  4, learn to get along with family and 睦 睦 睦 平 平 平 平 平 平 平 平 平 平 平 平 平 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦 睦The joy, then you can make your spirits happy, maintain a happy attitude, can make yourself healthier, can reduce the occurrence of various diseases.

  How do family members get along with the elderly?

  Family members should also learn to get along with the elderly in their old age. In general, they should maintain sufficient patience. If the elderly are more embarrassed, they must have the patience to listen to what the old man said, while maintaining an amiable attitude and letting their facesWith a smile, you can feel the feeling of intimacy.

At the same time, in the usual understanding of the elderly’s preferences and personality, then you can better contact with the elderly, can promote the feelings of the elderly.

When it comes to the personality of the elderly, you should quote more topics that the elderly like. Some elderly people’s hometowns and relatives should also mention some of the stories of the elderly when they are young. They should avoid talking about topics that the elderly do not like, so as to avoid unpleasantness.Emotions.

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Drinking millet porridge before going to bed helps health


Drinking millet porridge before going to bed helps health

The sleep mechanism of Chinese medicine is: yin qi is sputum (sleeping), yang qi is 寤 (waking up).

Therefore, the night should go to bed before the child (21-23 o’clock), and enter the best sleep state when the child.

Because according to the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” sleep theory, the night is the yin and yang meeting, when the fire is on the Thai side, it is called “heyin”, which is the heaviest time of the day, the yin is quiet, so the night should sleep.

  There are four magic weapons to improve sleep quality.

The first is to advocate a nap.

“Zi, Wu” is the time when the human body is “yin” and “heyang”, which is conducive to nourishing yin and nourishing yang.

It is best to fall asleep before 11 pm.

Because this time to rest, the most able to raise yin, sleep best, can do more with less.

In the afternoon, you only need to rest for 30 minutes at noon (11:00-13), because it is “Heyang” time, and the yang is strong, so the work efficiency is the best.

  Also, slow down the breathing rhythm before going to bed.

You can sit still, walk, watch slow-paced TV, listen to low-pitched music, etc. before going to bed, so that your body will gradually calm down, while you will be yin and yin, it will be better to lie in bed for a few minutes to do qigong.Spiritually guarded.

  Before going to bed, you can eat something that raises your heart and yin, such as rock sugar lily lotus seed, millet red jujube porridge, lotus root starch or dried longan meat. Because the heart is still working hard after sleeping, the heart is the hardest in the five internal organs, so appropriateIt will be good for you to replenish your heart.

  Patients with insomnia should not forget to use warm water to soak their feet before going to bed, which can promote the intersection of heart and kidney.

The intersection of heart and kidney means the combination of water and fire, and promotes the combination of yin and yang. The yin and yang are combined and the sleep is of course the best.

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