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[Eating chestnuts and diarrhea]_diarrhea_causes

[Eating chestnuts and diarrhea]_diarrhea_causes

Chestnut is a kind of food with relatively high nutritional value. It is very good for the body to eat it properly. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is good for improving immunity and preventing diseases.Effect, if chestnuts are prone to diarrhea, most of them may eat too much, and may also be related to diet. For people with weak digestive system, they must eat less.

Consider chestnut diarrhea due to symptoms of acute asthma caused by eating unclean or spoiled food.

It is recommended that you take oral montmorillonite powder for treatment. If the abdominal pain is obvious, you can take the anisodamine inhaled anorectically obstructed with racemic anisodamine sheet.

If the persistent abdominal pain and diarrhea cannot be relieved, you should go to the local hospital’s gastroenterology department or emergency department to check the blood routine as soon as possible.

What happens if you eat more chestnuts?

Although indigestive chestnuts are rich in nutrition, eating too many chestnuts raw is not easy to digest, and eating too much is easy to stagnate, especially with poor digestive function. People with digestive diseases should not eat more, so as not to aggravate the disease.


Abdominal bloating chestnut is a high-starch food. The supplementary fiber contains different fiber structure from rice noodles and vegetables. It is a large amount of indigestible protein.

The stomach cannot digest it, but it is easily “digested” by the intestinal bacteria. It will initiate fermentation to produce gas. If you eat more, it will easily cause bloating.


In normal constipation, residual gas is trapped in the gastrointestinal tract every day, and the amount of gas produced by bacterial enzymolysis when the top of the chestnut is overdose, resulting in the expansion of gas into the tract, which may cause constipation. 4

Fatty chestnuts eat more easily because of high starch content, high glycemic index GI (food with a high GI value is not good for weight loss), the conversion of 100 grams of chestnut reaches 212 kcal, and the gap of 100 grams of rice is only 112.Card, it can be seen that chestnut degeneration is worse than rice.


Affecting blood sugar, chestnuts are nuts and the starch is high.

The carbonization of dried chestnuts reached 77%, which is equivalent to 75% of grains; fresh chestnuts also have as much as 40%, which is 2% of potatoes.

4 times.

The fresh chestnut protein content is 4% -5%, although it is not as good as peanuts and walnuts, but slightly higher than cooked rice.

Therefore, when eating chestnuts, you should avoid eating too much, especially those with diabetes, so as not to affect the stability of blood sugar.

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[What is the relationship between pee range and sexual ability?

[What is the relationship between pee range and sexual ability?

I believe everyone has heard of such a thing: the excessive urine of men, the better the kidneys and the stronger their sexual performance.

But is this really the case?

What is the connection between sexual dysfunction and urination in men?

Here’s what the experts say.

The height of urinary spray during urination is determined by two important factors, that is, the power to improve urine excretion-the ability of the bladder muscles to contract, and the substitution that affects the discharge of urine from the urethra-the patency of the urethra.

Therefore, any factors that can interfere with these two factors and their coordination may affect the spraying height.

In this way, will sexual life affect the height of urinary ejection, and whether the urinary ejection height can be used to determine whether a boy is male or female, let us first analyze the relationship between urination and ejaculation.

Anatomically, urination and ejaculation go through the urethra.

Functionally, the innervation of micturition and ejaculation functions comes from the same autonomic nerve.

When a man’s penis is in an erect state, the urethral muscles will also appear tightly closed, so no urination will occur. Only after the erection subsides, the tension of the urethral muscles at the bladder outlet will be relieved.

During sexual excitement, the urethral muscles at the exit of the bladder continue to be tense and prone to fatigue, so after the tension disappears, there may be urgent urination or difficulty urinating.


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[How to make Dangshen Pigeon Soup]_Recommended Diet

[How to make Dangshen Pigeon Soup]_Recommended Diet

Properly drinking some Codonopsis dove soup has good health and beauty effects, can achieve good nourishing effects, and can promote the improvement of immunity. For patients undergoing surgery, proper drinking can promote woundsIn addition, it also has a good effect on the reproductive health of men and women. The practice of Dangshen Pigeon Soup is not difficult. Let’s take a look at this.

Prepare pigeon meat about 300 grams, prepare codonopsis 20 grams, prepare appropriate amount of salt, and blend oil. First, clean the pigeon’s hair. If you feed it to the baby, the baby may be afraid of oiliness, so you can remove the skin of the pigeon.If you eat, don’t remove the skin, add water to the pot, boil the whole pigeon into the pot, boil the water once, and then remove.

Cut the pigeon into pieces, make sure that the pieces are not too small, because the pigeon meat is relatively tender, then cut the codonopsis into strips, prepare a crock, put the appropriate amount of water in the crock, and then add the pigeon meat and codonopsis.Then put the crock in a large pot and simmer in the water for about three hours, and then put a little less salt when it comes out of the pot.

The nourishing effect of Dangshen Pigeon Soup is very obvious. Dangshen has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, removing liver fire and other effects. The effect will be more obvious when pigeons are added.

It can promote the soothing effect, and also has a good effect on the treatment of neurasthenia. In addition, it can improve the body’s immunity. It also has a significant effect on improving memory levels. For the elderly, it has a certain role in preventing Alzheimer’s.Children’s ability to promote learning.

The above is a simple understanding of the method of Dangshen Pigeon Soup. The method of Dangshen Pigeon Soup is very simple. There is no other ingredients. It only needs an appropriate amount of salt and blending oil. It has a good health effect, especially for the human body.For patients with relatively poor immunity or who have just undergone surgery, drinking it appropriately can improve the level of immunity and promote health.

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[Who can’t eat konjac]_Recommended diet

[Who can’t eat konjac]_Recommended diet

Konjac is an alkaline rhizome food with high nutritional value. It has a good effect in detoxifying beauty, lowering blood lipids and lowering blood pressure. It has a good appetizing effect to promote appetite, especially it can improve the level of immunity.Good therapeutic effect, but not everyone is suitable for konjac, so who can not eat konjac?

Let’s find out.

If the digestive system is not good, it is better not to eat konjac. This is because konjac contains alkaline foods, which can easily lead to indigestion. For people with gastrointestinal diseases, it may even cause more serious symptoms.People with poor digestive systems should eat less or not.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, konjac is a hair product, so for people with skin diseases, they should eat less or not, to avoid the symptoms of itching or rash on the skin. Konjac contains alkaline protein, which is easyCauses allergic reactions, he said that people with allergies should also pay attention.

In addition, konjac is a cold food. If your body is cold, you should also pay attention to it. If you eat konjac for a long time, it will easily lead to a severe cold in the body. This is for health care and welfare, especially for many women.Say, if you eat konjac for a long time, it may even cause symptoms such as dysmenorrhea or cold in the palace.

The above simple understanding of who can not eat konjac, if the digestive system is usually poor, or the body is cold, or people with allergies, should eat konjac as little as possible, and for pregnant women, try not to eat konjac, To avoid causing poor nursery care for pregnant women, and avoid causing poor growth and development.

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[Eating after completing hemorrhoid surgery _ Attention after completing hemorrhoid surgery]

[Eating after completing hemorrhoid surgery _ Attention after completing hemorrhoid surgery]

For patients with severe hemorrhoids, timely surgical treatment is very necessary. It is necessary to strengthen the nursing after restarting, not to mention everything after the operation, because if the conditioning is not correct, it may easily cause recurrence. Try to strengthen the diet and eat more.For coarse grains, eat more legumes, and usually eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. You must not eat irritating foods. It is best to quit smoking and drinking.

1, the choice of staple foods and beans, eat more coarse grains such as millet, sorghum rice, sweet potatoes, corn, miscellaneous beans and so on.

Selection of meat, egg and milk Pig lean meat, pig large intestine, duck meat, soft-shelled turtle, sea cucumber, and milk and soy products; when you have bloody stools, you can choose foods that have hemostatic effect such as yellow croaker, black fish.

2. Eat more vegetables and choose celery, chives, winter gourd, loofah, spinach, water spinach, eggplant, cabbage, radish, daylily, coriander, etc. You can eat black fungus, fresh coriander, etc. to nourish and stop bleeding when you have bloody stools.

3. Appropriate choice of fruit. Oranges, persimmons, pears, mulberries, mangosteens, figs, olives, carambola, bananas, apples, red dates and so on.

Other walnuts, sesame, persimmons, honey, use more sesame oil, rapeseed oil, etc. during cooking to increase the lubricity of the intestinal contents.

4, avoid spicy foods such as pepper, mustard, ginger and other foods, can stimulate the rectal mucosa, cause vasodilation and congestion, and make hemorrhoids more serious.

5, avoid drinking alcoholic hot and spicy drinking can make the anus discomfort, aggravate the symptoms of blood in the stool, swelling and pain.

6, eat less or do not eat hard and indigestible foods such as broad beans, twists and other hard foods are difficult to digest in the body, easy to damage during defecation and correction of anal mucosa, causing blood or pain in the stool.

If the symptoms of hemorrhoids are not serious, they can be treated with proper diet therapy.

Now that surgery has been done for treatment, in life, we must talk about diet, drink plenty of water and eat fruits.

Keep your stools from drying up, and often participate in a variety of sports activities such as radio gymnastics, Taijiquan, qigong, shuttlecocks, etc. to enhance your disease resistance and reduce the incidence of diseases, and also have a certain preventive effect on hemorrhoids.

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The happiness of Queensland sunshine

The happiness of Queensland sunshine

In the northern hemisphere into the winter, the daylight is getting shorter.

First of all, at this time, people always miss the summer that passed away.

The light body, how to freely layer on the edge of the abdomen, enjoy the happiness of the sun that never seems to fade away, leaving a healthy spot on the skin, the air is filled with the breath of palm trees and dancing slowly. The loneliness of the Northern Hemisphere at this time is just the happy life in the Southern Hemisphere!

Give yourself a vacation, move with the migratory birds to the southern hemisphere, and go to the place where there are sunshine, beaches, flowers, rainforests, and grapes.

Embarking on this piece of land in Australia, Queensland is very beautiful at this time, and it is welcoming every child who is in his arms with the gesture of hometown.

Gold Coast: Give you a emptied soul Gold Coast: Give you a short-selling soul with 245 days of good weather and 279 days of pleasant weather. At this point, the Gold Coast is truly a sunny

The golden sands of the Gold Coast stretch for more than 70 kilometers. At first glance, there is no margin. Under the sunshine, the golden eyes are full.

You can chat, you can think about it, you can fly the sky, the ten fingers between the couples, the traces of a string of love, can be seen.

Occasionally I feel like a wanderer under the sun.

Here, we are all happy children who lost their time, lying between the heavens and the earth, and with their eyes in mind, they have already completed the annotation of the word dream.

  Everyone will tell you that coming to the Gold Coast, the theme park is definitely not to be missed.

Warner Bros. Movie World, Dream World, Sea World, Water Park. Not far from Paradise Farm, there is Australia’s large inland show – the wonders of Australia and the wild.

In 1836, Darwin traveled through Australia when he sailed around the world. He was excited about the creatures here. He was here to catch kangaroos, watch koalas, study platypus, and leave, he was reluctant: “No, Sweden.

There is no regret or sadness when I leave your shore.

“In the hinterland of the Gold Coast, there is a blue glow firefly ecological night tour, which is also something that everyone will talk about.

In the evening, the instructor takes you into Springbrook National Park, holding a flashlight and watching the shape of the blue bugs up close. They live in caves, like the stars flying in the night sky.

Tropical Rainforest: Breathing nature and saying goodbye to the sun on the Gold Coast, go to Cairns in northern Queensland to wash your lungs!

Arriving at the world’s longest tropical rainforest gondola, reaching the tropical rainforest town of Kuranda, a pure breath rushes in front of you, Kuranda in front of it has already faded away from the original industrial color, revealing a quiet and quiet light, throughAn old and fresh atmosphere.

The whole town is surrounded by beautiful tropical rainforest, surrounded by greenery.

Along the street, there are ice cream and coffee shops. More than a variety of shops sell all kinds of wonderful gadgets, and the invisible indigenous symbols can be seen everywhere, ancient and mysterious.

  Take a amphibious vehicle into the depths of the rainforest to find the mysterious yearnings of the original and the ancient; in the rainforest park, you can also try the natives’ back tones and listen to their most pristine songs; live in the world famous tropical rainforest cable carSKYRAIL, experiencing extraordinary shocks from the rainforest.

Of course, the resort town of Palm Cove near Cairns is also worth a visit.

Great Barrier Reef: The Great Barrier Reef between the Heavens and the Earth: The world’s best job in the world, the world’s best job, the Great Barrier Reef Island Caretaker, has attracted worldwide attention to the Great Barrier Reef.

In the underwater coral world of the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling or deep-sea diving can be very enjoyable.

If you take a luxury cruise ship to the world to enjoy the world’s natural heritage – the Great Barrier Reef, a rich buffet lunch on board, then you can’t do it anymore.

If you want to experience the feeling of “going into the sea”, take a semi-submarine to see the coral reefs at your fingertips; or take a stroll through the sea, then take a helicopter or seaplane.

  The North Queensland area where Cairns is located is definitely a paradise for outdoor stimulators.

Boating in the rapids, riding in the wilderness, or looking at the hot air balloon from the air to see the beauty of the Atherton platform, high-altitude bounce, etc., are enough thrills.

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Beautiful legs, Chen Sizhen, slender cheats

Beautiful legs, Chen Sizhen, “slender” cheats

I want to remind a fact that is often overlooked by everyone.
In fact, the posture will really have a great impact on the shape of the hind legs. The eight people in the position will easily become the open O-legs;People, it is easy to become a strange X-shaped leg, so the correct posture is a must-have course!
  I personally think that high heels are “Cinderella’s glass shoes” that make every woman beautiful, so as long as a woman must learn to wear high heels, and to go light and bright, people can’t help but take a look!
When wearing high heels, there will also be anti-gravity hip-lifting effect, and the feet will not be as wide as the girls who often wear sneakers.
Although wearing shoes is comfortable and easy, the result of being too relaxed is to lower the center of gravity of the upper body, making the incorrect posture more arrogant, causing damage to the spine and pelvis, but not wearing high heels but being properly positioned to be healthy.
  Although many girls love high-heeled shoes, they don’t know how to wear them to be beautiful, so when they go, they turn around, and some even use the squatting to drag their shoes. It’s really full of sadness.
I suggest that you should practice your posture, starting with the most difficult high-heeled shoes, so no matter what shoes you wear, you will have a model and sway when you walk!
Here are a few things to note: a.
Put on high heels, the upper body is straight (pay attention to the posture, do not lean forward or back), inhale the lower abdomen, stop the gas in the chest position b.
With the strength of the thigh, gently raise the thigh and drive the calf forward to step forward.

(Many people usually only use the power of the calf to drive the pace, so there will be a beautiful step.
Remember that the thighs must be lifted up, although only slightly raised, but this can make the body’s center of gravity upward, rather than keeping the center of gravity in the lower body.
This step will not be heavy and tired, but simply light.
When striding on the ground, remember not to use the heel or toe to land, it is correct to use the “part of the foot plate” to land.
This will not only reduce the pressure on the legs when walking, but also the courtesy of wearing high heels, so that the unpleasant noise generated by the heel is minimized.
  d.When the two feet cross each other, they do not have to be in a straight line, as long as the feet naturally go forward.
Both hands relax and hang down, naturally swinging, and it looks very generous.
  e.When you practice, keep an eye on whether the upper body is in the middle of your legs when you step out of the pace.
You can look in the mirror, reflect the floor-to-ceiling windows, or ask a friend to help, so you can effectively check whether the body has the wrong posture of leaning forward or leaning back.
  I recommend that beginners practice 20 to 30 minutes in high heels every day during the first week of practice.
By the second week, barefoot but on tiptoe (fantasy is walking in high heels), the principle of walking is unchanged.
This way, when you walk through the high heels in the third week, you will find how easy and easy, you can go to the street as a high-heeled elf, stunning all the buddies!
  Tips for high-quality high-heeled shoes: The style of the shoes depends on personal preference, so sisters can choose their favorite style.
But the “heel” and “bottom” of a pair of high-heeled shoes are the key points that I think are incomparable and must be perfect, because that is the key to affecting the comfort of walking.
  The choice method is to put a pair of shoes on the counter table or the smooth hard chair for easy inspection. First, look at the soles and heels of the two shoes and stick them to the ground. Then look at the whole heel.There is a skewed bias, a pair of good shoes must have a very straight and stable heel, in order to stay close to the owner.
  There is also a pair of high-heeled shoes for girls with short legs, and try to wear high-heeled shoes with no buttons or shackles, so that the front of the arched foot can be visually part of the calf extension.Make your legs look slimmer.

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Awkward way of health

Awkward way of health

Source: Shanghai Yaoxun is a valuable medicinal material and tonic. Traditional Chinese medicine has long had a statement about “healing health”.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Hey, kidney and sperm, liver, eyesight, strong bones, fatigue, easy color, white, clear eyes and soothe, longevity.

“As a regular food in the four seasons, it also highlights its longevity.

Although you can eat 一年 all year round, but different seasons have different ways to eat, different combinations are also suitable for different substitutions, eat right, the effect is better, eat the wrong but very hurt!

1枸杞 Although it is good to take care of the scorpion, it is still a traditional Chinese medicine. Naturally, there are certain contraindications. The following precautions for eating must be taken care of, otherwise you will be mistaken if you accidentally!

1, do not drink green tea with green tea and medlar can be brewed separately with boiling water, has great potential for the human body.

There are too many people who just put them together and brew.

However, a large amount of a large amount of acid contained in green tea has a function of astringent adsorption, and it adsorbs trace elements in the sputum to form a substance that is difficult for the human body to absorb.

2, should not eat more scorpions suitable for people with weak constitution and poor resistance.

However, the course of taking it must be adhered to for a long time, and it can be effective if you eat it a little bit every day.

Although it is good, you can’t eat too much.

Otherwise, someone will get angry, nosebleeds, and even cause discomfort in the eyes.

In particular, people with yang deficiency should pay more attention to the amount of sputum, because it is mild, mild, and too much can cause fire, especially when eating raw.

3, fever is best not to eat 枸杞 warm body is very strong, is suffering from fever, the body has inflammation, diarrhea is best not to eat, thus, high blood pressure, people who are too temperament, or a large amount of meat on weekdaysClasses, friends who lead to red light are also best not to eat.

2 枸杞 四季 四季 养 养 , , , , , , , , , , , , , 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天 春天

It can be taken alone in spring or in combination with sweet and lukewarm products to help people develop yang.

枸杞 and jaundice are the best collocations in spring, especially for weak and weak friends. Spring is prone to fatigue and fatigue. At this time, drink some sputum and sputum, you can use the effect of qi and solid table.

2, summer – 枸杞 + chrysanthemum should be made in the summer, but it is better to drink in the afternoon, which can improve the body and help sleep.

However, it should be noted that it should not be matched with green tea. It is suitable for soaking with Gongju, honeysuckle, fat sea and rock sugar. It is especially suitable for computer users with excessive eye. It can use Ziyin eyesight to remove the effect of liver fire.

3, autumn – 枸杞 + hawthorn autumn, dry air, prone to dry mouth and cleft lip, skin swarf, with a lot of moisturizer is also difficult to resist the bleak autumn wind.

This season, eating scorpions requires moisturizing foods, some Sydney, Chuanbei, Lily, Polygonatum, etc., the effect is better.

In the autumn, cockroaches are used with some acidic foods, such as hawthorn, etc., which can achieve the effect of “sour and yin yin”, transforming nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and replenishing fluid.

4, winter – 枸杞 + yam winter, cold and tempting, people used to wrap themselves into thick cotton coat to help their own yang to resist the cold.

Scorpion can make up the yang, take it every day, especially with a variety of congee, such as jujube, longan, yam and so on.

Helps the body to grow yang and resist the cold of nature.

Yam porridge is a good winter supplement.

It can replenish the liver and kidney, and at the same time, it has the effect of clearing the eye. The effect of yam oral solidifying kidney and tonifying qi, if it is added to the meter, it has the effect of replenishing the spleen and stomach.

Drinking often can improve the body’s immunity, protect the liver, and lower the height.

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How to keep health during the Ching Ming Festival

How to keep health during the Ching Ming Festival

How to keep healthy during the Ching Ming Festival?
It’s time for the annual Ching Ming Festival. Have you already planned to plan for the Ching Ming Festival?
So, what do you know about the health of the Ching Ming Festival?
Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of Ching Ming Festival.
  1. Adding clothing to prevent colds Cui Ying reminded that people with a history of pollen allergy should carry anti-allergic drugs with them and wear protective equipment such as masks and gloves.
  In addition, people with acute illness, weak body or allergies should try to avoid walking and avoid direct contact with various plants that are susceptible to allergic symptoms to prevent the onset of allergic dermatitis.
  Pollen allergy is caused by a variety of trees, artemisias or other plant pollen, and now is the period of pollen transmission. Pollen floats in the air, and when it is inhaled, it often has nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, nasal cavity and whole body.Itching and other symptoms.
  2, stepping on anti-pollen allergy. Especially after eating poisonous mushrooms, you should go to the hospital in time, because poisonous mushrooms are yin-like organisms, if not treated in time, it will cause life-threatening.
  Experts advise that if you eat toxic or contaminated wild vegetables, you should drink plenty of water, artificial vomiting, and promptly sent to the hospital for treatment.
  If the patient has severe poisoning symptoms such as convulsions and shock, it is not appropriate to induce vomiting and should be sent to the hospital for treatment at the first time.
  In addition, when picking wild vegetables grown by the river and next to the ditch, it is necessary to see if the river is polluted. If industrial sewage is discharged into the river, do not pick it casually. Beware of poisoning after eating contaminated wild vegetables.
  Ma Wei reminded that when picking wild vegetables, the public must first look for wild vegetables that they know well, such as gray ash, leeks, etc., and don’t pick them casually. Secondly, don’t pick wild vegetables grown on the roadside, because the exhaust of a large number of cars makes way.The lead content of the wild vegetables is too high, so it is not recommended.
  3, carefully eat wild vegetables to prevent poisoning “Generally burned paper money when sweeping the tomb, but this will produce soot, easy to cause accidental injury to the eyes.
“Once the incineration of soot and dust in the air enters the eyes, it can cause symptoms such as eye allergies, keratitis and conjunctivitis.
  If this happens, rinse your eyes with clean water or mineral water that you carry with you, and then go to the ophthalmology clinic after simple treatment.
  Hou Xiwu also reminded the general public not to wear contact lenses when sweeping the grave, to prevent dust from entering the inside of the contact lens, causing irritation to the eyes and causing inflammation.
Also, don’t get too close when burning paper money to prevent smoke from irritating into your eyes.
  4、烧纸钱时护好眼  在此提醒,患有心脑血管疾病、血压偏高的人,扫墓时一定要注意稳定情绪,不要悲伤过度,且身旁最好有亲人陪伴,带上常用药品Or emergency medicine to avoid sudden illness.
  ”The Ching Ming Festival is a traditional festival where we mourn our loved ones, but it is also a period of high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke.
“A lot of grave sweepers, especially the elderly, are very easy to think of things when they see their graves. They are saddened by emotions, which lead to emotional arousal and high blood pressure, and are easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.”
  5, control emotional anti-heart disease It is recommended that the elderly are best to abduct when sweeping the grave, and need to be accompanied by family members, once you fall, you need to seek medical attention immediately.
In addition, if a child goes with it, parents need to take care of the children and prohibit them from climbing to prevent accidents.
  Every year during the Ching Ming Festival, some elderly people and children will accidentally fall and fall because of sweeping the graves. The light ones will sprain the joints and the severe ones will have fractures.
  6, sweeping the tomb ancestor Qingming Festival in the history of China, cold food banned fire, worship ancestors, has long been a custom.
After the Tang Dynasty, the Cold Food Festival gradually declined, and the ancestral worship of the tombs in the Ching Ming Festival became a continuous tradition of custom.
  The avocado flower reflects the poplar tree, and it is the place where life and death are separated.
The heavy springs are crying, and Xiao Xiaoyu is returning.
“The Song Dynasty poet Gao Juqing also wrote in a poem: “There are many tombs in the north and the south, and the Qingming Festival sweeps.”
  The paper ash flies as a white butterfly, and the tears are dyed into red azaleas.
At sunset, the fox sleeps on it, and a drop has come to Jiuquan!
“It is in today’s society that people still have the custom of going to the grave to worship the ancestors before and after the Ching Ming Festival.
  Remove the weeds, put on the offerings, pray on the graves, burn the paper money, or simply put a bunch of flowers to remember the ancestors.

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After standing down, suddenly stand up, will you be dizzy?

Is this a disease or a normal phenomenon?

After standing down, suddenly stand up, will you be dizzy?
Is this a disease or a normal phenomenon?

Many friends have encountered such a situation: when I suddenly stand up, I feel dizzy, my legs are numb, my eyes are black or blurred, and sometimes I am dizzy.

Some people think that they may be anemia or hypoglycemia, but is this really the case?

First, let’s understand the anemia and hypoglycemia.

Anemia and anemia are caused by a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood, which is caused by a decrease in oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells.

People with anemia usually have the following common symptoms: 1. If you lie on the ground for a long time, you will feel dizzy and dark, and your eyes will be dark. 2. If you are slightly labored, you will feel tired and sleepy and have a weak heart. 3. The face lacks blood color, such as pale or dark.Huang et al; 4, rapid heartbeat, loss of appetite, etc.; hypoglycemia and hypoglycemia are due to lowering of blood glucose factors to normal values, and some systemic dysfunction has occurred.

Initially there is too much insulin, too little food intake.

Common symptoms: 1, shaking hands, limbs weakness, pale, sweating; 2, palpitation, dizziness, obesity; 3, black eyes, blurred vision; you can compare the above symptoms to determine whether they are anemiaOr hypoglycemia.

If you want to know clearly whether you are anemia or hypoglycemia, you can go directly to the hospital to check blood routine and blood sugar.

This symptom is medically called orthostatic hypotension or orthostatic hypotension if it only suddenly stands up and feels dizzy and numb.

Orthostatic hypotension is one of the most common causes of dizziness, due to changes in body position, such as sudden changes from chin to erect, or hypotension caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain.

When we are squatting, we need to coordinate and cooperate with each other in the body, in addition to bones, muscles, but also the heart, blood vessels, nerves, etc.

When the human body is squatting, the waist and legs are tortuous, and the blood cannot flow up and down.

If you suddenly stand up violently, the blood will flow down quickly, causing local parts of the upper body, and the brain will have a short supply of oxygen, especially above the head, causing temporary blood supply to the brain and eyes, so dizziness occurs.The phenomenon of blackening in front of the eyes and turning around.

Most orthostatic hypotension is caused by autonomic dysfunction. As long as you pay attention to the movement of the position, don’t worry too much, no special treatment is needed.

Some people with weaker and weaker bodies need to pay attention, especially when the middle-aged and old people get up and get dizzy, get dizzy when standing up from the sofa, and get dizzy when getting up in the toilet. For people with high blood pressure, high blood pressure is not direct.Incentives, but also have a certain impact, need to adjust the medication appropriately.

Squat or sit for a long time, don’t jerk up, the movement should be slowly.

Don’t panic when you have dizziness and black eyes in front of your orthostatic hypotension.

When the blood supply to the head is insufficient, the heart gets an order, then tightens the work and immediately delivers the blood. In a few seconds, we can return to normal.

However, if the dizziness is severe, it is recommended to return to the original position to avoid falling due to unstable dizziness and a large wound.

After the dizziness is slowly reduced, slowly get up again.

How to avoid orthostatic hypotension 1 , slowly get up when you get up, use the auxiliary force, such as holding the table and chair and then getting up.

2, do not get too hard when getting up in the morning, you can stay in bed for a few minutes, do some slight limb activities, slowly change position.

3, a reasonable diet, make up the nutrition, avoid eating too much or many years, do not drink.

4, adhere to appropriate physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and ensure adequate sleep time.

5, to avoid fatigue, continuous, long-term embarrassment.

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