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[Can you drink milk after eating peaches]_White blood_Same food

[Can you drink milk after eating peaches]_White blood_Same food

Everyone familiar with this kind of food should be replaced by a fresh fruit. When you eat it, you will feel a lot of water in it, but in fact, many people do n’t know that peaches are growingIt is used as a medicinal material and can treat a lot of diseases, so there must be many taboos when eating peaches, but they can be eaten with milk.

[Peony]Ye Zhizhi headache, malaria, eczema, dermatitis, sores “Chinese medicine”.

Examination site: stem wood cures all wind disorders, stomach pain “Yunyaolu”.

[Water medicine]female put: seed kernel to cure gum swelling and pain “Water Medicine”.

[Hani medicine]Xi Yong: radical enteritis, gastritis “Bannahani medicine”.

[Long Pao Yao]A Wei: Bark is used for diarrhea, colds, pain in the whole body, rickets, and malaria.

[Paeonia lactiflora]Shili: Seed kernels for treating amenorrhea, bruises, and blood dryness and constipation.

[Mao difficult medicine]Meilertao: root bark to treat dental caries; seeds to remove blood stasis (Mao difficult) “Gui Yaobian”.

[Yao Yao]Writes: Ye Zhi’s general discomfort caused by overwork, hepatic removal of “Guang Min Yao”.

[Zhuang medicine]Mai Peng: Ye Zhi vaginitis, cervicitis, “Gui Yaobian”.

[Jingpo Medicine]sawum tum: Dehong menstruation, amenorrhea, bruises, bruises, swelling and pain, Dehong Medicine Record.

[Achang Medicine]Tao Ren: Function “Dehong Yaolu” by Tongjingpo.

[Deang Medicine]Aungbie Kong: Function of “Dehong Yaolu” by Tongjingpo.

[Kino medicine]: Tobacco is washed outside the bark to treat skin itching;

Suitable for people: Peach is suitable for people with hypoglycemia and when their mouth is dry and thirsty; suitable for people with hypokalemia and iron deficiency anemia; suitable for patients with lung disease, liver disease and edema; suitable for those with poor stomach appetite and weak digestion.
Do not eat: peach fever, internal heat sores, folliculitis, skin ulcers and skin ulcers are not eaten; diabetes patients are not eaten; peaches are not eaten with turtles; rotten peaches should not be eaten, otherwise it is harmful to health.

It is a normal phenomenon that casein in milk satisfies weak acid.

Therefore, some people think that milk precipitation loses its nutritional value or cannot be absorbed by the body.

In addition, yogurt fermented by lactic acid bacteria is also in a precipitated state.

Various desserts made with milk and fruit are also very popular abroad. I have not heard of digestive problems in Europe and the United States.

If the gastrointestinal function is normal and you don’t feel diarrhea or bloating when drinking cold milk, then you don’t need to worry about drinking juice immediately after drinking milk will cause trouble.

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[Can children eat flower nails]_Children_Impact

[Can children eat flower nails]_Children_Impact

The child’s stomach is in the sound development stage, so when feeding the child, parents should try to choose mild foods, so that these foods will not harm the child’s stomach.

The nature of flower shells is slightly cold, but flower shells are a kind of food often seen in many families, because flower shells have a very delicious taste and have irresistible magic.

But do parents think that children can eat flower turtles?

Can a child eat flower garnish?

Flower armor is also called clam.

Clams are seafood foods, with the fresh and tender taste of seafood, and also have a very high nutritional value, which is very suitable for children to eat. It supplements the nutrients required by children’s bodies and helps children grow and develop.

What are the benefits for children to eat flower nails? 1. Improve appetite. Clams are delicious and tender. It can improve the child’s appetite, promote children’s normal meals, ensure daily nutritional requirements, and are good for children’s growth and development.

2. Improving immunity. Clams are highly toxic and high in protein. A variety of vitamins and minerals can promote children’s body metabolism and improve their immunity, especially against influenza viruses.

3. Promote bone development Clam is rich in calcium. Calcium in clam can promote children’s bone development and tooth growth. It can prevent children from lack of calcium and loose teeth due to calcium deficiency.

4. Promote brain development. Trace elements such as zinc, iron and selenium in clams can promote children’s brain development, improve children’s memory and prevent “dwarfism” or mental retardation.

5. Protecting vision Zinc in clams can promote the absorption of vitamin A and prevent “night blindness” caused by lack of vitamin A. It also plays an important role in protecting children’s vision.

Precautions for eating flower shells 1.

Clams must be thoroughly cooked and not eaten raw to avoid vomiting, abdominal pain or diarrhea caused by indigestion;

Clams may cause allergic reactions in children. It is best for children to eat a pearl when they try for the first time and observe whether there are allergic reactions. Common allergic symptoms include: skin rash or wind mass, itching, intolerance, redness, swelling or difficulty breathingParents, they must not allow allergic children to come in contact with clams.

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[Cassia seeds and mung beans can be together]_Mung beans_Same food

[Cassia seeds and mung beans can be together]_Mung beans_Same food

Many foods have certain attributes. Some foods can be eaten together, and some foods have similar grammatical characteristics due to their own characteristics. After eating together, they are likely to cause a burden on the body and affect health.

Mung bean is a food we eat in our daily life. It is usually used to cook porridge and drink with other foods. But can mung bean be eaten with cassia seeds?

Cassia seed knowledge introduction: Cassia seed is the mature seed of leguminous plant Cassia and small Cassia.

Cassia is an annual semi-shrub-like herb that grows on hills, roadsides, and under sparse forests on hillsides.

Planted or wild in the first and second provinces of North and South China; Xiao Cassia is born on hillsides and rivers, and is distributed in North China, Central South, Southwest and Liaoning, Jilin, Hebei, Shanxi and other places.

Cultivated or wild.

The fruits are mature at the end of autumn, and the pods are harvested when they turn yellow-brown. The whole plant is cut and dried, the seeds are removed, the impurities are removed, and the sun is dried until the feet are dry.


Cassia is slightly prismatic or short inserted, inclined parallel and parallel, 3?
7 mm, width 2?
4 mm.

The surface is greenish brown or dark brown, smooth and shiny.

One end is thicker and the other end is obliquely pointed. There is a bar code ridge line on the dorsal and ventral surface, and a diagonally symmetrical lighter linear concave pattern on each side of the ridge line.

Hard and not easily broken.

Seed coat is thin, cotyledons 2, yellow, bent and overlapping in an “S” shape.

Weiqi, slightly bitter taste.


Small Cassia is shorter, smaller, and longer?
5 mm, width 2?
3 mm.

There is a broad light yellow-brown band at each end of the ridge line.

The seeds are full and the color is green-brown.

Cassia is suitable for the crowd: those with spleen deficiency and stool will be cautious.

The effect of cassia seed diet: cassia seed is sweet, bitter, salty, cold, return to liver, kidney, large intestine; quality, can be raised and lowered; has the effect of clearing the liver and clearing eyes, moisturizing bowel and laxative; treating the eyes with astringent pain, shame and moreTears, blindness, freckles, headache, dizziness, dullness, constipation, edema, unfavourable urination, sores, and skin rash.

Cassia Seed Practice Guide: 1.

The wind-heater is often used with cicada and chrysanthemum.


Liver fire, often with gentian, scutellaria, prunella.


Cassia seed clears the liver and clears the eyes, often used with nourishing liver and kidney medicines such as Shayuan Tribulus terrestris, Ligustrum lucidum, Lycium barbarum, and the same place of birth to treat the bruises and cataracts.


It is only used clinically for hypertension and shows symptoms of liver yang disturbance, dizziness and other symptoms, often equivalent to Uncaria and raw oysters.

Method of consumption: Cassia mung bean soup Detailed introduction and effect: Liver recuperation recipe Qingrejiedu recipe Mingmu recipe Taste: Original flavor Process: Cooking Cassia mung bean soup Ingredients: Ingredients: 120g mung bean Supplementary ingredients: Cassia seed 30gHow do you make cassia mung bean soup and how to make it?

Wash the mung beans first; 2.

2. Put mung beans into casserole with cassia seeds; 3.

Add the right amount of water to fry until the beans are cooked.

Tips-Health Tips: This product has the effect of clearing the liver and eyesight, and can cure patients with liver fire, stagnation, heat and upset glaucoma.

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[Why Hui people do n’t eat pork]_Do not eat pork_Huimin_Reason

[Why Hui people do n’t eat pork]_Do not eat pork_Huimin_Reason

The main reason why Hui people do not eat pork is because of their beliefs. In addition, Jews and some Christians do not eat pork.

The Qur’an explicitly forbids Muslims from eating pork.

The Hui people believe that eating pork and the Islamic dietary principles are contrary.

In addition to not eating pork, Hui people fast on blood.

Fasting meat from donkeys, horses, mules and other non-ruminant animals.

Do not eat cat and dog meat.

Often referred to as “Muslims”, when we talk about them, we often think of Muslims who go to worship in mosques. We will think that Muslims taboo on pork. So why do n’t Hui people eat pork?

Many speculations are circulating in the square, and today let us reveal the secret of Hui people not eating pork.

Before Judaism and Islam were founded, there was a custom of fasting pork in the Arabian Peninsula.

Due to the hot climate of the Arabian Peninsula and mostly deserts, it was not conducive to the growth and reproduction of pigs. At that time, the Semites on the Arabian Peninsula were mainly sheep herds and camels.

The ancient Egyptians also regarded pigs as unclean and disgusting.

The ancient Greek historian Herod wrote in his book “History” in Egypt, the Middle East: “In the eyes of the Egyptians, dolphins are an unclean animal.He accidentally touched a guinea pig, and he immediately rushed to the river, dressed in clothes, and jumped into the river. Even the dolphin was an indigenous Egyptian, and no one wanted to marry his daughter to him . “This shows that the ancient Egyptians had a strict ban on pigs at the time. Not only did they not eat pork, they could not even touch or touch pigs, and they also hated pigmen.

The Hui people do not eat pork. The fundamental reason is belief. They are absolutely loyal to Allah ‘s orders. They are convinced that Allah is kind and caring to his slaves. Many prohibited behaviors, such as the prohibition of eating pork, are bound to surpass humanity.Wisdom and grace of thinking understanding.

Allah is the most benevolent, kind, beloved, and forbidden act to believers. It must inevitably prevent people from being harmed. It is also a test of faithfulness to believers. For example, teachers prohibit students from plagiarism and cheating.With loyalty and filial piety, exercise becomes a good character, which can be endless for life.

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[How to make HOME spicy pot]_Home How to make spicy pot _HOME How to make spicy pot _HOME How to make spicy pot

[How to make HOME spicy pot]_Home How to make spicy pot _HOME How to make spicy pot _HOME How to make spicy pot

Many working people do not like to cook their own meals. Once they have no time, they are too lazy to cook. HOME Spicy Hot Pot is easy to learn. It is a must-have for office workers. It is a substitute that combines nutrition and deliciousness.Tired of eating in the restaurant, it is better to do it yourself and enjoy the delicious food.

1. Wash all vegetables, cut into thin slices or small pieces, add simmered white water to 8 to ripen 2, pat garlic, scallion, ginger, millet pepper 3, cut the eggs in half, Cantonese-style sweet sausageCut the thick slice 4 with an oblique knife, pour the salad oil into the pot and heat to 80%. Add the shallot, ginger, garlic, and millet pepper to the pan and add the sauté 5, after the flavor is fried, add the fragrant pan base and continue to fry.Put good vegetables and Cantonese-style sweet sausages in the pot and continue to fry for 3 minutes. Then put out the pan, sprinkle with ground peanuts, cilantro, and a good spicy pot. Remember to make it when you make HOME spicy potMaster the heat, otherwise it is easy to stick to the pan and affect the hue of the food, which affects everyone’s appetite.

Put some pepper and sour vinegar according to personal taste.

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[What about dizziness after sex?]_ Cause_cause

[What about dizziness after sex?]_ Cause_cause

Sexual life is a very common behavior in modern life, but there are also some situations in sexual life. Many people experience dizziness after sex during sexual life, but many people have this situation after themselves.I don’t know what caused this situation, and some people think that it is caused by disease.

So what happened to dizziness after sex?

First, what about dizziness after sex?

Considering that the spleen and kidney yang deficiency is the main situation, sexual behavior should be properly controlled, pay attention to rest, do not stay up all night, overwork, and do not worry.

Eat less sweet and fried foods. Do n’t eat spicy foods.

Eat more lamb, beef, jujube and longan.

Eating Jiannao Bushen Pill is very effective. Dizziness may be cold, cervical spondylosis, anemia, Meniere’s syndrome, arrhythmia, lacunar infarction, hypertension, poor rest time and quality are all possible.Caused by, need to find the cause, kidney deficiency refers to the lack of kidney essence and qi.

There are many types of kidney deficiency, the most common of which are kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency.

Symptoms of Kidney Deficiency: Symptoms of Kidney Yang Deficiency are backache, cold extremities, chills, and even edema. It is a “cold” symptom. Poor sexual function can also cause Kidney Yang Deficiency; the symptoms of Kidney Yin Deficiency are “Heat”” There are mainly backache, hotness, night sweats, sweating, dizziness, tinnitus and so on.

Modern science proves that when a person suffers from kidney deficiency, whether it is kidney yin deficiency or kidney yang deficiency, it will lead to a decrease in the person’s immune capacity. There is more evidence that when kidney deficiency occurs, the kidney’s immune capacity decreases and the microcirculation of the kidneyThe system will also be doubled, and the kidneys will not appear.

So the treatment of kidney deficiency should be incorporated.

Second, kidney yin deficiency: the main symptoms are weak waist and knees, weak legs, upset and irritability, and there will be the following symptoms: dizziness, tinnitus, weight loss, insomnia, dreams, red hot flushes, night sweats, dry throat, impotence in menOr Yangqiang does not fall, hypersexuality, premature ejaculation, women with less menstruation, amenorrhea, metrorrhagia, infertility, short red urine.

Kidney Yang Deficiency Men are fatigued, weak, weak, and easily fatigued; chills and cold, cold limbs (in the summer, the kidneys are also cold), and the body is heavy; waist and knee aches, low back pain, weak muscles and bonesSexual dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, prone to prostatitis, etc .; urination is clear, endless leaching, less urine or frequent nocturia; hearing loss or tinnitus; memory loss, drowsiness, dreaminess, spontaneous sweating; susceptibility to low back pain, Joint pain, etc .; susceptible to osteoporosis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, etc .; shortness of breath, shortness of breath, cough and phlegm; five more diarrhea, or constipation; body edema, especially below the waist, lower limb edema; lower abdomen traction muscle pillsFalling pain, or contraction of the scrotum, it is very cold when it is cold, slow when it is hot; it must be replaced easily, early white; the body is fat or thin; reflected on the face is blue, white, or dark.

Females are fatigued, mentally debilitated, low in vitality, and easily fatigued; chills and cold, cold limbs (and in summer, also cold), and body sinking; sore waist and knees, cold back pain, weak muscles and bones;Infertility in the uterus, leucorrhea is thin; Qi stagnation and blood stasis lead to impotence, menstrual disorders or impediments, and often abdominal pain; dysmenorrhea, delayed, low volume, dark color, lumps or dysmenorrhea; uterus, ovaryBreasts are prone to fibroids, cysts, hyperplasia, etc .; susceptible to urinary system infections, gynecological inflammation, and other diseases; prone to menopause; shortness of breath, shortness of breath, white tongue, or tooth marks; hearing loss or tinnitus, memory loss; easySuffering from low back pain, arthralgia, etc .; susceptible to osteoporosis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, etc .; five more diarrhea, or constipation; physically weak or thin; pale or darkened, prone to melasma, acne, acne, allergiesAnd other skin problems.

What about dizziness after sex?

Medical research has shown that if a kidney is deficient and is not replenished in a timely and correct manner, it is likely to cause a variety of complications.

Such as: “kidney deficiency” can cause chronic bronchitis, emphysema, hypertension; Chinese medicine believes that “coronary heart disease” is also mainly caused by heart stagnation and heart and kidney deficiency; chronic chronic diarrhea is closely related to spleen and kidney yang deficiency;Kidney deficiency can also cause prostate hyperplasia (hypertrophy).

In addition, diabetes, chronic nephritis, etc. are also related to “kidney deficiency”.

The harm of female kidney deficiency can not be ignored, too, if there is no timely replenishment, there will be a series of complications.

First of all, it will appear early in menopause and may destroy your “Mom’s Dream”.

In this way, it will make your eyelids swell, darken your circles and pale.

And quite afraid of cold.

In addition, you will experience insomnia, dryness, concentration, etc., and even increase blood pressure.

In addition, people’s hearing sensitivity, breathing, hair growth, and saliva production are also closely related to the kidneys.

Because the kidney is not a single organ in Chinese medicine, it contains the nervous system, motor system, endocrine system, reproductive system and urinary system of the human body.

When kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency appear, it will inevitably affect the functions of these major systems of the body.

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[What’s so bad about eating chicken paw?

】 _Impact_Cautions

[What’s so bad about eating chicken paw?
】 _Impact_Cautions

Chicken is a very important ingredient in human recipes, and provides the necessary nutrients to the human body like pork and beef.

There are many edible parts of chicken. Almost all of them can be eaten except for hair accidents, and every tissue of chicken can provide people with different cooking flavors. Among them, chicken paw is a very popular type. However, eating chicken pawWhat’s the disadvantage?
Chicken feet are also known as chicken feet, chicken feet, chicken feet, chicken feet have high nutritional value, rich in calcium and collagen, eating more can not only soften blood vessels, but also have beauty effects.

But the disadvantage is that they are afraid that the chicken’s paw will be chewed by chemicals.

Suggestions: But most of the nutrients of chicken feet are protein and a small amount, eating too much will lead to body obesity.

People who are losing weight are advised not to eat chicken feet, because there are a lot of protein and small amounts, which may cause body fat, so chicken feet are divided into the list of foods that people who can’t lose weight eat.

Patients with asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and other diseases can not eat.

There is also a population of three high, because the plasma content of chicken feet is relatively high, will also increase the three high.

So please pay attention to the above people, it is best not to eat.

There are many ways to eat chicken feet. Among them, pickled chicken feet and pickled chicken feet are best not to eat. These two types of chicken feet are particularly unhealthy. If you really want to eat them, you can do it yourself at home and make itAt least it’s hygienic.

If you usually eat it, it is best to buy the freshest chicken feet on the same day. It is also best not to buy chicken feet like insurance in the supermarket.

Chicken is deficient in calcium, iron, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, and various vitamins and crude fiber. Long-term consumption is prone to sub-health.

According to scientific investigations, compared with chicken and beef, pork, chicken lacks vitamin B16, vitamin C, and vitamin D, and may also contain hormone residues. Long-term consumption is likely to cause pregnant women to return to milk.

Nutritionists point out that chicken consumption has a major impact on the health of the human body, especially the elderly.

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[How to make delicious pumpkin and pork filling]_How to make_How to make

[How to make delicious pumpkin and pork filling]_How to make_How to make

Pumpkin has always been the most common ingredient in our lives, because the taste of pumpkin is very good, and it is no wonder that it can be made into a variety of dishes, whether it is a vegetable we often eat, or some pumpkins are very convenient.And, one of the most popular ways to eat is pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie tastes a bit sweet, and pumpkin can also be stuffed with pork. So how do pumpkin and pork stuffing taste delicious?

Pumpkin stuffing buns: Ingredients: flour, carrots, bean dregs, yogurt, pork, pumpkin seasonings: salt, sugar, pepper, cooking wine, soy sauce, fresh shellfish, oyster sauce, blending oil, sesame oil, spring onion and ginger.

Cut the carrots into small cubes, use a cooking machine to make a paste, and add water when you beat them, otherwise they won’t come out.


Add some salt and sugar to the flour, stir well and add the right amount of yeast powder. I also put the remaining bean dregs in the morning, or a mix of soybeans and peanuts.


Pour in the carrot paste. I also put half a can of yogurt in this process, and the bad dreams started.


After adding flour several times, it finally became a ball, and the color of the carrots was much lighter, and it looked more like cornmeal.

Seal and leave to ferment at room temperature.


All the meat in the refrigerator is pulled out and cut into meat fillings. After adding cooking wine, soy sauce, fresh beehive and some water, add salt, pepper, oyster sauce, onion and ginger and mix well.


Squash the pumpkin and mix well with the blending oil.

This will prevent the pumpkin from getting out of the water.


Mix the shredded pumpkin with the meat filling, add some sesame oil and mix well.


Spread the dough into medium-sized dough and roll it into a thin crust around the middle and back.


Fill in the right amount of filling.


Wrap into buns and cover them with plastic wrap for 20 minutes.


Heat the pan with cold water and drain the oil from the bottom of the buns onto the steaming curtain. After the high heat has boiled, turn to medium-low heat to steam for 20 minutes and turn off the heat.


Wait for two or three minutes to uncover the pan and pick up the buns to eat.

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[Couples love the best posture]_ sex life _ skills

[Couples love the best posture]_ sex life _ skills

For couples, a harmonious sexual behavior helps to stabilize the relationship between husband and wife.

In fact, sexual behavior is a way of breeding offspring, or a way to exchange feelings between husband and wife.

Therefore, when doing this kind of behavior, it is very important to choose a comfortable way and a way to get pleasure for both parties.

Intercourse position 1, pinwheel style: You are lying sideways with him in the same direction. You are sitting low, holding him with both feet, and supporting your head and arms backwards.

Then he surrounds your waist with both legs, and grasps your thighs and swings gently.

Advantages: The insertion in this position will be shallow, and it can focus on the sensitive locations in front of the dangerous tract and the nerve endings on the top of the penis.

Intercourse position 2, rowing style: let him lie on a comfortable and sturdy chair on a table with your feet slightly stretched, and then you sit across him and face him, then bend your knees and spread your feet towards his chestAnd support.

Ask him to grab your hips or thighs, and you grab your back and start moving back and forth.

Advantages: Typical female up and down postures, you can control the speed or circle movement at will, because the two sides are very close, you can kiss or caress each other at the same time.

Intercourse Position 3, Side Strike: On the pillow on your side, he is kneeling behind your hips and leans forward to separate your feet from each other and insert the brakes.

Advantages: Because your two thighs are close to each other, it can give him greater pleasure.

In addition, this angle can be inserted deeper, which is especially suitable for men with small stalk alignment.

When he stimulates your G spot, he also caresses your black hair.

Intercourse Position 4, Push Table Style: He leaned on a chair with his feet spread comfortably and his feet on the floor.

You sit across him, leaning north to touch the desktop with your hands above you, and your feet are hanging in the air.

He grabs your hips and swings slightly, and you cling to your legs.

Pros: Different from typical paparazzi.

The posture here will not make you feel strenuous, he can comfortably enter you into orgasm, and touch every inch of the vagina deeply, perform up and down and circle movements.

He can even watch his hidden stem enter your body, increasing pleasure.

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[What’s taken to lower blood pressure]_Recommended diet

[What’s taken to lower blood pressure]_Recommended diet

  Hypertension is a common cardiovascular disease in life. The main causes of elevated blood pressure are obesity, thrombosis caused by internal blood vessels, senile sclerosis, and other complications.

If the condition of hypertension is severe, the threat to health is great.

In addition to the treatment of drugs, dietary care in life is also very important, because diet can effectively control blood pressure, and also has a role in lowering blood pressure.

  Shiitake is a very common ingredient, it is a low-fat, high-protein ingredient, and we can easily buy fresh or dried shiitake in our lives.

Because shiitake mushrooms are rich in vitamin b and a variety of amino acids needed by the human body, as well as various trace elements, using shiitake mushrooms as shiitake juice has a good effect on lowering blood pressure.

  The practice of shiitake mushroom juice is actually relatively simple. Use 6-7 shiitake mushrooms and soak them in boiling water. After soaking overnight, a lot of the substances in the shiitake mushrooms are transferred to the water. Just the next dayIt can be dissolved by boiling.

This method of lowering blood pressure is not only simple, but also very effective.

If you think it takes longer to soak overnight, you can also use a pot to boil it, which can shorten the time.

  Patients with high blood pressure must clearly correct certain foods in their diet, and some of them are harmful to their condition.

Some people with high blood pressure simply eat and drink without care and carelessness, which leads to a gradual increase in high blood pressure and directly threatens their lives.

Hypertension patients can eat foods that have blood pressure lowering effects such as polenta, potatoes, and watermelon.

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