[How to digest quickly if you eat too much]_How to resolve_Chemical method

[How to digest quickly if you eat too much]_How to resolve_Chemical method

Many times, if we encounter good food, we will eat more.

In this case, the burden on the stomach is relatively large.

Many times, if we eat it, the stomach is still very uncomfortable.

At this time, we can take some Jianweixiaoshi tablets, but there are other ways to help us digest food quickly.

So, how can you digest quickly if you eat too much?

First, how to digest quickly after eating?

Massage acupoints: 1. Neiguan acupoints Neiguan acupoints have the functions of calming the mind, relieving qi and relieving pain, so they often become the first choice for the treatment of heart diseases and sterility.

Neiguan acupoint selection method is: open arms, palms up.

Then make a fist and lift up the wrist. You can see that there are two tendons in the middle of the arm. The Neiguan acupoint on the pericardium is between the two tendons two inches above the first horizontal line of the wrist.

2. In the ancient sea of blood, people accidentally discovered that piercing this place can eliminate the blood clots in the human body, so it is used to treat the complications of blood clots in the body.

It can remove stasis and promote new blood, so it is named Xuehai.

The sea of blood is on the thigh, please sit on a chair, stretch your leg straight, there will be a depression in the tibia, and there is a raised muscle above the depression, and touch it along the muscle, the top isBlood Sea Point.

Massage the blood sea points can nourish blood and nourish the liver.

3, Tianshu acupoint Tianshu is a major point on the stomach meridian.

2 inches beside the navel, on the same horizontal line as the navel, with holes on each side.

In addition, Tianshu is the acupuncture point of the large intestine.

The so-called acupoints are the chest and abdomen acupoints that concentrate the vital energy of the five internal organs.

Because it is a close neighbor to the internal organs, Tianshu will react abnormally when it is invaded by internal and external diseases, and it will serve as a signal light for internal organ diseases.

From the position point of view, Tianshu exactly corresponds to the inherent, so often massaging Tianshu points will inevitably promote internal benign peristalsis and enhance gastric motility.

How to digest quickly after eating support 4, Weizhong points in the acupuncture of the four total points song mentioned in the back of the waist, begging, it can be seen that, Weizhong is the main point of treatment of low back discomfort.

The method of acupoint selection in Weizhong Point is: when flexing the leg, horizontal stripes appear on the back of the knee joint, that is, the position of the fossa, and the middle point of the horizontal stripes is the Weizhong Point.

The middle point of the massage committee can also pressurize the effect of treating low back pain.

5. In the absence of acupoints in the winter, when people appreciate the snow, don’t forget to nourish the kidney.

Winter is the best season for nourishing kidney and lungs.

The effectiveness of the column deficiency acupuncture to nourish the lung and kidney can also supplement its connection with Renmai, which is itself a sea of yangmai, which can nourish yin deficiency of the lung and kidney.

Therefore, the column deficiency also follows the role of Renmai, which has a good regulating effect on diabetes, tinnitus, dry eyes and other symptoms caused by insufficient kidney yin.

Second, how to digest quickly after eating?

Cook some porridge: 1, 250 grams of fresh and lean mutton porridge, cut into small pieces and cook them first, then mix the previous rice with porridge, eat 2 times a day.

The prescription can replenish qi and tonify qi, warm the stomach and relieve pain, treat indigestion caused by weak spleen and stomach, and abdominal pain.

It is especially suitable for the symptoms of qi deficiency in the elderly, insufficient yang, cold and cold, and abdominal pain.

2, Amomum porridge first use the previous 100 grams of porridge, 5 grams of Amomum grind into the porridge, and then cook a little.

The prescription has the effects of warming the spleen and stomach, ventilating stagnation, dissipating heat and preventing diarrhea, and is suitable for stomach pain, fullness and vomiting.

3, bergamot porridge 20 grams of bergamot, decoction to remove residue; previously 100 grams of rice, add an appropriate amount of water, cook porridge.

After the porridge is finished, add rock sugar and add to bergamot soup and cook a little.

Eat 2 times a day.

This prescription has the effect of refreshing scent and appetizing, regulating qi and analgesic, and is suitable for the elderly with weak stomach, indigestion, belching, and stomach pain.

Third, how to digest quickly after eating?

Eat some food: 1. If you eat too much yogurt after a meal, you can get a cup of yogurt about half an hour after a meal, because yogurt is rich in organic acids such as lactic acid, acetic acid, etc., they can make the yogurt a refreshing sour taste, but alsoHelps it form delicate curds, thereby inhibiting the proliferation of harmful microorganisms.At the same time, you can also choose to take a bag of Nangling stachyose, which changes the effect than yogurt. Stachyose quickly accumulates beneficial bacteria in the interior, reduces mutual alkalinity, increases acidity, promotes metabolic peristalsis and digestion juice, Gastrointestinal homology, very good effect on bloating and indigestion.

2. After eating fennel, you can use fennel to soak in water or chew fennel seeds and swallow them. A teaspoon after each meal can help digestion.

Fennel preparations are commonly used to strengthen the stomach, disperse cold, relieve qi, and relieve pain.

In ancient Egypt, sweet fennel seeds were also used to clear bowel movements, alleviate indigestion, abdominal cramps caused by peristalsis or rupture of the stomach.

3. If pumpkin has indigestion or accumulated food, you can choose to eat pumpkin for the next meal, because pumpkin contains ingredients that can promote bile secretion, strengthen metabolic peristalsis, and help digestion.

The citrus diarrhea contained in pumpkin can protect the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal pirates. It is basically a rough food stimulus and promotes the healing of ulcers. It is suitable for patients with gastric diseases.

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