[Baoluofen marinade practice]_ how do _ homemade practice

[Baoluofen marinade practice]_ how do _ homemade practice

Baoluofen traditional snacks Hainan, Hainan tourism have been to people who will not be unfamiliar.

Baoluofen of raw material is very simple, mainly noodles, but tastes good have a great relationship with the marinade, the marinade will do well Baoluofen delicious, marinades do well, there is no authentic Baoluofen oftaste.

Therefore, Baoluofen marinade can do it is the key to Baoluofen of.

So, what Baoluofen marinade practice?

Baoluofen practice of rice, water, sesame oil, edible oil.

1. Wash the rice clean, soak it with water and grind it into a fine rice slurry; 2. Put it into a cloth bag, squeeze out the water, and soak it in water; 3. Take out the dough after removing it, add oil and sesame oiland water into a paste; 4, filling the powder cartridge, the pressing force to the boiling pot, can be picked up just cooked, drain can be too cold.

Luo hold practice marinade powder: garlic sauce practice Hug Luo powder chili peppers, red pepper, tomato 1 kg, an appropriate amount of ginger and garlic, water, vinegar, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate.

deal_h3 ( ‘method step “) 1, fresh chili peppers, red pepper with few, 500 g of tomato, a ginger, garlic two discharge a paste mixer; 2, a drainage pan bowl, with the heat and simmer, in a variety of paste pot, boil sauce (garlic left half of the final discharge) side edge boil salt, sugar and vinegar; 3, remember to keep stirring with a spoon to anti-sticking pan, from thin to thick may turn offfire, and then the next point of MSG, then pour into the rest of the garlic, cool bottle.

Baoluofen marinade practice: peanut sauce practice

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