[Can I eat leek just after pregnancy?

】 _Early pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can I eat leek just after pregnancy?
】 _Early pregnancy_Can you eat

Everyone who has eaten leek knows that this vegetable has a pungent taste, but many people just like this taste in particular, so they like to eat leek in life, in fact, leek has high medicinal value.This kind can cure kidney deficiency impotence and so on, so men like to eat leek, then can women eat leek when they are just pregnant?

Can I eat leek just after pregnancy?
Everyone is still very familiar with leek, and it is still easy to see in everyone’s life, especially the nutrition of leek is very rich. For men, if it involves the issue of impotence, the rich nutrition of leek can beMeet the needs of men.

The following editors take everyone to pay attention to such a question. Can pregnant women eat leeks?

Can pregnant women eat leeks 1, leeks are rich in nutrients and rich in cellulose and sulfide. Eating leeks can supplement the minerals needed by the body, which is conducive to the gradual development of early pregnancy.

So pregnant women can eat chives, but not too much.

Because leek has the effect of strengthening uterine contraction, eating too much for pregnant women may increase the risk of miscarriage.

In addition, leek is not easy to digest, so pregnant women are best to eat leek less, it is best to eat with other foods.

2. In fact, the nutritional value of chives is very high, and the edible portion of 100 grams contains protein 2-2.

85 grams, aunt 0.


5 grams of carbon dioxide 2.

4-6 grams, cellulose 0.


2 grams, rich in carotene, vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, is a fresh dish when people “taste the spring”, is conducive to early pregnancy metabolism, vitamins for vitamins and minerals.

3. In addition, these sulfides in chives can also help the body absorb vitamin B1 and vitamin A. Therefore, if chives are matched with pork foods rich in vitamin B1, it is a more nutritious way to eat.

However, the sulfide is volatile when heated, so you need to fry it quickly when you cure it. If you heat it slightly, it will lose its flavor.

4. In addition, chives are rich in cellulose, containing 1 per 100 grams of chives.

5 grams of cellulose, higher than green onions and celery, can promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer, while reducing the absorption of cholesterol, prevent and treat arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other diseases.

5, modern medicine believes that people with yang hyperactivity and heat are not suitable for consumption.

The leek’s crude fiber is brittle and difficult to digest and absorb, so you cannot eat too much leek at one time, otherwise a large amount of crude fiber will stimulate the intestinal wall and often cause diarrhea.

The above is the compilation of relevant information on the question of whether pregnant women can eat leek. When pregnant women eat some food, they must look at their physical conditions. Some pregnant women just ca n’t eat certain foods, maybe other pregnant women can eat them.There is a physical problem here.

It is not possible to eat only one kind of food for nutritional supplementation, and nutritional supplementation must be comprehensive.

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